Review for Amazing Spider-man # 600

Posted by bps 01 August 2009

Review for issue # 600

I'm not any professional reviewer like IGN or, but I will give my share of what how I find the latest development of Spider-man in this issue. appears

The Issue starts off with Doc Ock visiting a Doctor I think. Ironic. It appears he ( or his mind at least) is degenerating due to the numerous punches he's received from super humans like Spidey of course. As such, he prepares his last stand against the world, or just New York. This is just another filler in the comic if you ask me. Reason being that there has been no build up to Dr. Octopus at all in the past issues. Thus everyone reading will know that, unfortunately for him, his brilliant evil plan is nothing more than a filler in this comic to prepare for the real deal, - ie. Aunt May's Wedding and the return of Mary Jane.


Dr. OCK : Poor guy. He's always portrayed as a class C bad guy, just a little better than the Rhino, never a real threat. I'll never understand why he was chosen for the movie. We all know Spidey is gonna win in before the end of this issue.


Aunt May: Is getting married to Jonah Jameson SR! I do not agree, but oh well, leave it to marvel to do what they want. Apparently, in the issue she gets her 'blessing" from Uncle Ben


Mary Jane: Ive been waiting ages for her to get back in the picture. But from her first appearance it is clear that Marvel is changing her character. No longer the supportive caring, character. From her only appearance in the issue looks to me like shes back as her 'wild, careless, self.'

We're gonna just have to wait and see whats coming next.

Below: My favorite line in the comic as the thug tries
to fight daredevil

Thanks for reading :)

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