In issue # 606, Black Cat has obviously gone through some character regression. For eg. She is back to stealing jewels.

Why is she back to stealing Jewels?

Well, in Marvel Diva's it seems that Black Cat wanted to set up some business called Cats eye investigation.

Unfortunately, she did not have the money. Puma wanted to finance her, but thanks to her female ego, she did not want to take it.

My opinion is that she is a thief again, trying to steal enough jewels to start her little business.

Read this, from Marvel Divas:

and this from ASM #606

Another strange thing I noticed in ASM # 606. Is that Felicia had green eyes. Doesn't she normally have blue eyes. Here is an image from Marvel Divas vs the picture of Black Cat from ASM # 606

Image from marvel divas: Blue eyes

Image from ASM # 606 : green eyes

not to mention, in the Amazing Spider-Man #607 coverpage she has blue eyes as well

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