Amazing Spider-man # 608

Posted by bps 08 October 2009

A great issue. Beside is the alternate cover for the comic. A+ for the consistent artwork. It gives Spider-man a cooler, more serious, Batman detective type of image. A good story line is unfolding slowly. The issue takes us back and forth between past and present time-line.

Thankfully, no mention of the playgirl - Black Cat.

Amazing Spider-man 608 uncovers the history of the villain who first appeared in ASM Annual # 36 a.k.a Raptor.

The story starts as shown in the preview, "back then," with Ben Reilly applying for a job as lab assistant with Dr Damen Ryder.

Spider-man, back i normal time, is dealing with Screwball. The last page of the preview shows Peter having a face to face confrontation with the same face he saw as he pulled off the mask of the crook in ASM annual 36- Raptor

Unfortunately for Peter, Raptor (in human form) is causing some problems and threatens to attack Peter's family. Raptor eventually leaves, handing a newspaper article to Ben Urich (Peter's boss). The article shows a picture of Peter, accusing him of burning a house down.

Backflashing to Ben Reilly and Dr Ryder, we see that they have become quite close friends. Apparently they were trying to establish proof of the missing link between man and dinosaur. While, slightly tipsy after dinner, Dr Ryder explains to Ben that they were successful and are currently creating a hybrid in their lab.

The scene returns to Spider-man, following his spidey tracer which he left on Raptor's coat. It leads him to an abandoned apartment with nothing but Raptor's coat. Raptor in the meantime, appears at Peter's apartment ( without his coat ), and is invited in by Michelle.

Returning to the Ben Reilly scene, we learn that Ben had been looking through some files after dinner, learning a horrible truth - Dr Ryder had experimented on himself and was now the 'hybrid' spoken of over dinner.

The final scene is of Spider-man still wandering around the dark, empty apartment. Before he knows it, he is being choked by his imperfect, more powerful clone - Kaine. This image has been released for some time, but I will post it again.

Personal Thoughts

This comic has some emphasis on Norah, Peter's colleague, showing some kind of feeling of care and concern toward him.

The return of Kaine in the comics bring much excitement to all readers I believe. What is he doing here? Where has he been? Even more intriguing is - What is he doing in Raptor's hideout? Is he working with Raptor? If he is,that means that Raptor would have some background information about Ben being Pete's clone would he not? Why would he still be after Peter if he knew that he isn't Ben?

Again, I must salute the artists. Below is an image of Spider-man's cooler, more serious Batman like image. Anyone agree?

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