Dark Avengers 1-10 quick summary

Posted by bps 30 October 2009

So due to hype created about Mephisto appearing in Dark Avengers #10, I took it upon myself to find a preview for Dark Avengers # 11. I actually like what I saw. As such, I decided to catch up on all the Dark Avengers's comics from 1 -10. Reviewing Dark Avengers will not be a normal thing here though.

In my opinion, the story is really nothing to jump for joy about. I like the team that Norman Osborn has put together however - a bunch of crooks that are doing good, in a way.

I do have a slight problem understanding how Sentry is still standing in issue # 10, after his head was blown off in issue # 9.

Towards the end of what I have read so far, Norman is being haunted by his old Goblin self. Also, I have a feeling that the Void, Sentry's/Bob's alter ego has taken control.

I find it strange that Daken is tall when he is not in his wolverine costume, but is as short as his father when he is wearing the costume.

Here is the jist of what I got.

  • Norman is now Iron Patriot, trying to control his Goblin personality from taking over his mind
  • The Sentry has two personalities - like Norman, and is trying to keep in under control, with Norman's help
  • Ms. Marvel / former Moonstone is a slut - makes the personal lives of the Dark Avengers interesting though
  • Noh- Varr is the Dark Capt. Marvel, who quits the team when he learns it is made up of villians
  • Ares is of course a Greek god of war. He has a son that he does not know how to show love to. His son, with his fathers knowledge - unknown to the rest of the team, is working under Nick Fury
  • Daken (Wolverine's son) is Wolverine with a mow-hawk.
  • Hawkeye or bullseye, has an interesting personality, but is mostly not interesting
  • Venom - Macgargan/ former Scorpion, is now Spider-man. He needs some medication to stop him from eating everyone. Not to mention keep his Spider-man image. Of late, he has been taking too much medication and is behaving feminine

And here is of course the image that raised hopes for Spider-man fans around the world.

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