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Posted by bps 08 October 2009

Sometime today or tomorrow should be getting my hands on the Amazing Spider-man 608. In the meantime, I'll mention that, I was quite surprised this morning as I received a personal message on Spider-man Crawlspace.

Apparently, Spider-man Reviews had been featured on Comic Nexus, in a review by Greg Manuel ( who pm-ed me on crawlspace). Below is an excerpt from his review.

By the way, if ever you need an update on what’s going on in Spider-Man’s “world” of late, but probably think you’d be better off using your $9 a month for something more satisfying – Wendy’s comes to mind - be sure to check here periodically. Credit and a shout out goes to “bulletproofsponge” from the Spider-Man CrawlSpace Forums, for going above and beyond in performing this service for exiled and alienated Spider-fans everywhere.

Thanks a bunch Greg.

Anyway, today I just thought it would be worth mentioning Marvel's online digital comics. Its basically reading comics from your computer, which is a common practice nowadays with the new technology advances.

Benefits include unlimited access to thousands of Marvel comics for $4.99 a month. Yearly subscription has some discounts.

Check it out.

No, I am not being paid to help advertise for Marvel, but alternatively, if you wish to buy ordinary comics online delivered to your doorstep, and help me make some cents, click the

'buy comic
link on the menu page above.

Other than that, be sure to come back to this site for the Amazing Spider-man # 608 review coming soon.

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