"You just hit the jackpot" - Peter Parker?

Posted by bps 30 October 2009

From the Incredible Hercules comic

Again, I got this image from a forum. After, all forum's are the best place to keep up to date on the latest news. To give all credit to the guy who scanned this image, I'll just quote him directly.

"At the old hobo center writiers stick Aunt May in because they have nothing else to do with her, she is serving food with Herc's ex wife(I forgot her name, but she's a God of some form and she's pretty damn crazy). Anyway, May wants her to forget about her ex and go out with someone new. You see where I'm going with this? " -UltSpidey Fan, from Spiderman crawlspace

Personal thoughts:

I hope Peter doesn't end up falling for this goddess. That 'line' has sentimental value. It belongs to Mary Jane.

In should only be used in the context where there is something important or big. For eg. MJ's first appearance, and the end of OMD.

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