Incredible Hercules 138 - Assault on New Olympus

Posted by bps 09 November 2009

Incredible Hercules 138 will start off a new 'four-part' series called Assault on new Olympus.

So you may ask, what does this have to do with Spider-man. For those who do not know, in the previous issue of the Incredible Hercules, the last page showed a Peter Parker meeting Hercules's ex wife for the first time with a very disturbing introduction. Check it out here.
An in between issue featured Peter getting beaten up by Hercules.

Assault on New Olympus will feature not only mythical characters like Herc, Ares, Hera and the like, but will be visiting other characters from the Marvel Universe as well. Chances are extremely high that Spider-man will be playing an important role in the arc.

Apart from the last scene in Incredible Herc 137, we also have an interesting image from IGN as seen below from the cover for Assault on New Olympus One shot

The story, although not yet fully revealed, involves Hera, the goddess, who poses an incredible threat to the Marvel Universe. The story will involve Herc and a number of other characters taking her down. The image above looks as though Hercules is really mad. Could he be mad at Spidey? Maybe for making a move on his ex-wife? Read here.

The arc will carry through issue 138 to 141 and is set for release approximately 25 Nov 09.

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