Ms Marvel 47

Posted by bps 26 November 2009

The Amazing Spider-date. That was the title for this issue. Peter Parker's P.O.V, which has been missing in recent Amazing Spider-man comics has somehow been transferred here to the Ms. Marvel issue. See Below:

The story
It starts with Spider-man teaming up with Ms Marvel ( Carol Danvers ) to stop a simple robber, who just robbed a bank alone, by himself. He almost manages to escape thanks to his high tech gear. Unfortunately for him, Ms Marvel can fly.

The meaningless intro ends with Ms Marvel telling Spidey to change into his civilian clothes as they're about to go on that date she owes him. Carol, fully prepared that Peter would not have any money to take her out, decides to take him out instead to a fancy dining restaurant.

The two talk briefly about their arch enemies, and Carol mentions Mystique. Ironic since we know that Mystique will be featured in the final Ms Marvel issue. Sad.

After that, there is struggle for any conversation until Peter's Spider-sense starts tingling. Two hired guns, who were spying on Carol came breaking in trying to capture Ms Marvel. They each take one on easily, Peter still having his expensive food in his hand.

After turning in the baddies, the two fly off - well Spidey gets carried, and look for something else to eat. They get a hot dog and sit on the roof, over looking the city talking. In a moment of truth, Carol mentions that she very much prefers junk food, but didn't want Peter to think she had bad taste in food. See Below:

Personal Thoughts

The story in this issue is nothing out of the ordinary. As expected, the issue simply highlights the relationship between Ms Marvel and Spidey. The art changes several times in the comic. Thankfully, the art here is pretty good in my opinion. Nothing like the vertigo art, or even the little manga type art in ASM 611. Notice the panels I selected to show in this review all have different artists. Overall a very simple issue, simple story, yet likable.

As far as what can be developed from the Spidey/Ms Marvel relationship - probably nothing in my opinion. Nonetheless, the two will share this moment together for a long time. My guess is that if anything should happen to Ms Marvel in the coming issues, Peter will probably remember her advice over dinner, and look into investing what money has to overcome his financial issues.

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