Web of Spider-Man 3

Posted by bps 15 December 2009

Web of Spider-Man, as usual contains three different stories. And once again as usual, I will review the first and the last story. The first story provides a build up for the Gauntlet story, currently taking place in the ASM Comics. The first story features Rhino, another B-class super villain who fights Spider-Man.

Although he is yet to appear in the Gauntlet story, some background knowledge on this character is laid in Web of Spider-Man 3. The story begins with Rhino, doing his duty and taking out a bunch of military men as part of his job he is being paid for.

As he completes his job, he thinks back to the past, to before he became the Rhino. Similar to ASM 611, where Deadpool appears, Rhino does not really listen to hard when people around him are speaking. As such, the reader is unable to catch the conversation with annoying' bla blas' in the speech bubble.

Coming back to the current time line, we find out that the military group Rhino had busted was his own men. Time and time again, it has been made clear that Rhino does not like to be labeled 'stupid.'

As such, he naturally gets annoyed as his employers call him an insult to stupidity. His poor employer gets thrown somewhere far out of the building.

The story is rather short and pointless. It ends with the Rhino taking on another job for money. So much for that story. Rhino is essentially a stupid character. He simply does as he is told in return for some cash. he obviously does not listen carefully when people talk to him. Moral of the story is that, he is not the kind of guy you want to rely on.

The second story is more enjoyable and features the Amazing Spider-Girl. Unfortunately, this story will not be reviewed here.

In the third story, we see the popular Peter Parker P.O.V. This story features Aunt May and Jonah Jameson Senior. This has to be my personal favorite story for the issue. It begins with Aunt May writing Peter a letter, as seen below.

In the POV, Aunt May asks how the date with Hebe went and etc. She also speak a little about Michelle, after their encounter in issue 613

Apparently, Aunt May and Jameson Sr, have locked themselves in the hotel room for three whole days. I try not to imagine. The two, as Aunt May explains have been having so much fun together. Their honeymoon, was supposed to have ended sometime ago, but keep being prolonged as Jay (JJSr.) is so spontaneous and keeps buying tickets to go elsewhere. 

There is some interesting conversation between Aunt May and Jay as they speak briefly about their age catching up with them and how death is never too far away.

Essentially, this entire story magnifies the joy that Aunt May is experiencing from her marriage to Jay. I'm sure Peter would be glad to get this letter. After all, this is the whole reason he gave up his own marriage, to some extent, although he has no memory of it.

Hopefully, Jay won't die too quickly, is Marvel does intend to get rid of him soon.

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