Clone Saga 5 of 6

Posted by bps 02 February 2010

This has to be the best of the Clone Saga series so far. To all Spider-Man fans out there, this issue is a must read, as it finally breaks away considerably from the original Clone Saga series in the 90's.

As readers expecting to see a repeat of the 90's Clone Saga, this issue is full of the unexpected. The art remains constant, as it has for the past four issue. The other thing that remains constant is the cover page, having absolutely nothing to do with the story. Nonetheless, this is a good cover page. Probably the only weird thing about the issue is the reference to iTunes, which did not exist back in the 90's.

Anyhow, here is the story. Continuing exactly where the preview left off, Peter decides to help take down Kaine as quickly as possible before rushing to Mary Jane, who is half way giving birth by now.

After an entertaining battle between the three 'Peter's,' Kaine disappears quietly as usual after placing the lives of the policemen in danger. The fight scene here is awesome, filled with cool moves from two Spider-Men.

As a first surprise, Peter arrives at the hospital in time to witness the birth of his living baby girl. Allison Mongrain, then takes the baby, and conveniently walks out of the hospital, throwing away the baby tag. The next scene obviously shows Peter furious that his child has gone missing. He and Ben, decide that Kaine is somehow related to all this.

The two set out to look for him. Elsewhere, Allison appears in a dark secluded area meeting with Kaine. She passes the baby to Kaine and states that she must leave the shores. At this point, Kaine, as evil as he is, is portrayed to have a very slight soft spot for the child, especially upon learning that her name is May.

Kaine then reports to his boss, who reminds Kaine that he must kill the child if their plan fails. Kaine's boss, aka the shadowy figure who looks like Harry Osborn, is then seen resurrecting Norman Osborn ( or his clone)

The comic ends with the absolute unexpected as the Goblin (Norman) battles with Ben, who was busy looking for Kaine. As they fight in mid air, the Goblin reveals to Ben that he knows who he is. he also reveals that Ben is the clone. As Ben tries create some distance between himself and the Green Goblin, he is stabbed in the back by the glider as seen below.

Some interesting way to end the issue now isn't it? Look out for the highly anticipated next issue, which will connect the dots to our confused minds. Hope you enjoy this long awaited review.

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