Marvel released the solicitations for May 2010 today, along with some new information on upcoming Spider-Man stories. So, the old list is being updated.

In next week's Amazing Spider-Man #621, Dan Slott and Michael Lark pit Spider-Man and the Black Cat against Mister Negative. In Amazing Spider-Man #622, Fred Van Lente and Joe Quiniones pit Spider-Man against Morbius, while Greg Wiseman and Luke Ross continue Flash Thompson's story. In Amazing Spider-Man #623-624, Mark Waid and Paul Azaceta reveal the origin of the new Vulture.

In Amazing Spider-Man #625, Joe Kelly and Max Fiurma pit the new Rhino against the old Rhino, while Amazing Spider-Man #626 features a female Scorpion by Fred Van Lente and Michael Gaydos. Amazing Spider-Man #627-629 is the long-awaited "Something Can Stop the Juggernaut" by Roger Stern and Lee Weeks.

This is followed with "Shed" by Zeb Wells & Chris Bachalo in Amazing Spider-Man #630-633, as Spider-Man is pit against the Lizard. It's essentially the longest Spider-Man story since "American Son."

"The Gauntlet" will culminate with the Sinister 666 storyline, around Amazing Spider-Man #634.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual 37 features a new "Untold Tale" by Kurt Busiek and Pat Oliffe and the story of Spider-Man's first encounter with Captain America by Karl Kesel and Paolo Siquiera.

As for the other material...

Marc Guggenheim and Adriana Melo are the creative team for a three issue "Amazing Spider-Man Presents Jackpot" mini-series, which started in January 2010, and pits her against Boomerang and the new Rose.

Brendan McCarthey is the writer/ artist of "Fever" a three part Spider-Man/ Doctor Strange mini-series, due to start in April 2010

An upcoming four part storyline due in Amazing Spider-Man in 2010 will deal with a development affected by One More Day.

Bob Gale and Pat Oliffe are the creative team for new Spider-Man material for Marvel's website/ Digital Comics program. The material will be available in print form in Peter Parker, a new series.

Tom Defalco, Howard Mackie and Todd Nauck are collaborating on "Spider-Man: The Clone Saga," a six-issue mini series following the original plans for the infamous storyline. Five issues have been released.

David Hine and Carmine Di Giandomenico reunited for a new Spider-Man Noir mini-series "Eyes Without a Face" featuring Doctor Octopus.

Paul Tobin and Patrick Scherberger are the creative team for Spider-Man & the Secret Wars, a four issue mini-series showing the webswinger's perspective of the 1980s EVENT.

Brian Reed and Phillip Briones are the creative team for the four issue Amazing Spider-Man Presents American Son mini-series, in which Gabriel Stacy returns and Harry Osborn denies knowing who's using the American Son armor. This starts May 2010.
is back as a monthly, beginning with the return of the Punisher in May.
Spectacular Spider-Girl

Web of Spider-Man is an anthology series, focusing on characters from Amazing Spider-Man. Spider-Girl is a feature until the seventh issue. Upcoming creative teams include Fred Van Lente & Paul Azaceta, and JM Dematteis & Val Simekis.
one-shot due to be released in May 2010 will include a Mary Jane story by Roger Stern &, an untold tale of Gwen Stacy & Carly Cooper by Fred Van Lente & Javier Rodriguez, and a Black Cat tale by Chris Yost and Michael Ryan.
"The Many Loves of The Amazing Spider-Man"

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