Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Jackpot # 1-3

Posted by bps 19 April 2010

As the title suggests, this story features the life of Jackpot, after she and Spider-Man last met, somewhere towards the beginning of Brand New Day.

The former, but second Jackpot - Alana Jobson, whom reminded Spider-Man of Mary Jane, died, soon after she was introduced.

The Story: Jackpot # 1
The story begins with the original Jackpot, Sara Ehret, thinking to herself how Spider-Man guilted her into wearing the Jackpot Mantle, after the death of her friend Alana. Sara, now wears the Jackpot costume, with some color modifications taking care of small time baddies. That night however, she runs into her first super villain - Boomerang. After, barely escaping, she makes a run for it, with a bottle of something, that the bad guys were trying to smuggle. The story then shifts to here personal life.

Sara lives with her husband and daughter, and works in a lab - one of Oscorps subsidiaries, during the day. The next day, at the lab, Sara gets help from her colleague, Dr Hayes, to find out what the bottle contained. Apparently it contained a sweat gland.

While in the lab, Sara recalls how she got her powers. In lot 777, Sara had an accident while trying to create a cure for parkinsons. Obviously, the accident gave her the super strength. The rest of the story involves Jackpot trying to find out more about the sweat gland.

The first issue ends with the bad guys, led by The Rose, determining Jackpot's identity thanks to her fingerprints on the grappling hook she shot into Boomerangs check earlier in the story.

Jackpot #2

The second story starts with Jackpot, continuing to beat bad guys to find out more about the sweat gland. Spider-Man jumps into the picture somewhere along the line and helps her. After beating White Rabbit and and some other thugs silly, Sara asks about the small bottles all over the floor.White Rabbit tells them that its a drug called Ebony. Not being able to make sense of it all, Spidey advises Sara to see Reed Richards.

Reed then explains that this is the second sweat gland he has tested. The first was brought in by Daredevil, but had been compromised as The Owl was trying to turn it into a drug. With his database of superhumans, Reed identifies the sweat gland's owner - The Corrupter, a guy that can make you do what he wants you to by touching you. Reed also explains that extracting the sweat gland would be extremely painful, and that it is unlikely the Corrupter would do so willingly.

Putting the two together, Sara concludes that the Ebony was the end product of what the Owl was trying to do with the Corrupter's sweat gland. At the end of the issue, Boomerang has been given orders to take out Jackpot. Boomerang appears at Sara's house at night and kills her husband. The issue ends with him about to kill her daughter.

Jackpot # 3
This issue starts immediately where the last issue let off. To cut it short, Sara manages to protect her daughter and kill Boomerang, so it seems. She then runs to the Fantastic Four and leaves her daughter to be safe there. As Jackpot, she spends the night beating every crook she sees to get information, on who ordered the attack.

Spidey appears halfway after receiving news from Johnny Storm about Sara. The two galavant more until they finally get a lead - The Rose. The two barge into The Rose's base, only to find themselves greeted by Armadillo - a really huge guy.

Jackpot gets thrown out the window while Spider-Man gets to see the The Rose face to face. I'm not sure how Spidey got free, but he is next seen helping Jackpot take on some 'drugged' crooks. Jackpot is finally met for the last time with Boomerang, who apparently didn't die.

After almost losing her life, Jackpot defeats Boomerang and is able, with Spider-Man's help to control herself from killing him. The issue ends with the Rose in custody. It is revealed that he is actually Dr Hayes. What a let down. Sara and her daughter are last seen practicing their new names. Sara changes her name to Alana Jobson.


I have a few thoughts about this issue. Firstly, how on earth did Spider-Man manage to escape from both the Rose and Armadillo? Second, at the end of the issue, the Rose is caught, but Armadillo is missing. Finally, Dr Hayes was just too lame to be the Rose. Poor ending.

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