New Avengers 63

Posted by bps 09 April 2010

New Avengers 63, like New Avengers 62 ties in with Marvel's biggest event at the moment - Siege, which will be reviewed in time by Matthewaos. Thanks man. 

Anyhow, we last saw the avengers in New Avengers 62. At the end of the issue we saw the Avengers, together with the resurrected Captain America and Nick Fury, preparing a full scale attack on Norman.

The Story
The opening scene of the issue already shows the Avengers taking on Norman's Dark Avengers.The fight focuses on Luke Cage, who while fighting suddenly has a flash back of this conversation with his wife, Jessica Jones, the day before.

In the flashback, the two discuss their future. Jessica does not want Luke to fight against Osborn, fearing that if they loose, he will go to jail, and will not be able to father their new born child. The scene ends with Luke and Jessica kissing. In the immediate next scene we see Luke grabbing on to Venom's long twisted tongue and throwing him against a building with it. Some contrast..

As the fight continues, the focus turn to Mocking Bird, as she too has a flashback of what happened the night before. By now, we can see where the story is going with this. The night before, Bobbi ( Mockingbird ) wakes up covered in sweat. Her husband, Ronin, asks what is wrong, but does not get a response.

Bobbi walks out the room. In the next scene the two are suited up, and Ronin is chasing after his wife. As, Bobbi tries to explain that she needs some time two things happen.

1) Spider-Man randomly pops into the scene, and is quickly asked to leave *random*
2) Mocking Bird spots a Lady Dr Octopus of some sort to release her stress on

Once the Lady Octopus is out of the picture, the couple consider restarting their lives once this war is all over. Returning to the fight scene a number of things too long to explain happen. Essentially, Sentry appears and makes a big mess. Bobbi is last scene with her lifeless hand sticking out of some rubble.


Clearly, this issue, and most likely the next as well, will be focusing on each individual character in the war, or maybe not. Regardless, I cant wait to see what Spider-Man was thinking the night before the war. What was he doing? Was he with Felicia, or Carlie? Or just by himself.

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