Ultimate Comics Enemy #1-3 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 19 April 2010

With Siege turning the Marvel Universe upside down (or rather, right side up) not a lot of attention is being paid to Brian Michael Bendis' other four issue miniseries set in the Ultimate Universe. Since we will be waiting a while for the last issue of Siege, let's get our monthly Bendis/event fix here...

The Story - Ultimate Comics Enemy #1

It starts with Spider-Woman having an inner monologue about wanting to take down the Roxxon corporation. The Roxxon building is then attacked by a mysterious organism. She attempts to save everyone she can, but the building quickly collapses.

Thanks to the events of Ultimatum, Reed Richards now lives at home with his family. He detects an energy flux on his computer just as someone arrives at his door. Just as Reed's father is about to answer it the house explodes.

Susan Storm heads to the Baxter Building (she's the only one who still lives there) and finds Ben Grimm waiting for her. After Ultimatum, Ben joined the military and did quite well for himself. Since Sue and Reed broke up a while back, Ben decides to tell Sue that he loves her. Sadly, she does not feel the same way and Ben leaves distraught. Just as he exits the building it comes under attack by the same organism that attacked Roxxon. Ben attempts to fight it but the organism knocks him across town.

In Soho, an undercover Nick Fury is trying to enjoy his lunch when he is attacked by a purple "alien" (presumably responsible for the other attacks). The alien claims that Fury brought this upon himself...

Ultimate Comics Enemy #2
Spider-Man and the Human Torch witness the attack on Fury and come in to help him. Outnumbered, Fury's attacker disappears. The Torch then notices the attack on the Baxter Building and rushes across town to help his sister.

At the Baxter Building, Ben once again attempts to fight the organism. The Torch arrives and flies into the wreckage to save Sue, who has kept herself alive with her invisible force field. The organism then disappears along with the top half of the building. Sue was able to collect a piece of the organism and intends to show it to Reed.

Spider-Woman swings into her apartment just in time to see news coverage of what happened to the Baxter Building. She is then attacked by the same creature who attacked Fury but manages to escape.

Sue, Ben and Johnny are standing outside what is left of the Richards' residence. A police officer tells them that nobody made it out. Spider-Man arrives and Johnny fills him in on the situation. Realizing that nobody was supposed to know where Reed and Fury were, Spidey phones his house to warn Aunt May. Unfortunately, Fury's attacker has already appeared outiside his house.

Ultimate Comics Enemy #3

At the Triskelon, Carol Danvers is desperately trying to figure out who is responsible for the attacks. She puts everyone on full alert and declares martial law in New York City. She then heads to the bathroom to compose herself when she is confronted by Fury. Fury suspects that Danvers is behind the attacks. Danvers denies the accusations and engages Fury in combat. They are interupted when one of Danvers' agents informs them of the attack on Spider-Man's house.
Luckily for Spidey, Bobby Drake a.k.a. Iceman is now a resident at his home. He manages to buy enough time for Aunt May and Gwen Stacy to flee the house unharmed. Iceman manages to hold his own against the alien until Spider-Man and the Fantastic Three arrive to provide him with back up. Using her forcefields, Sue manages to beat the alien into submission. Just then Danvers and a strike team arrive on the scene. Danvers attempts to question the alien but it disappears. It is then that everyone notices that something strange, and presumably bad, is happening to the Thing (who got hit by an energy blast earlier in the battle)...

I was skeptical of this miniseries when it was first announced. Another big event for the Ultimate Universe so soon after Jeph Loeb tore it apart in Ultimatum? Thankfully, Enemy is much better than Ultimatum.

What I like about Enemy are all the great character moments and sequences Bendis places in the book. The scene where Ben pours his heart out to Sue in issue #1 was heartbreaking. Another great moment was the confrontation between Danvers and Fury in issue #3. Another strong aspect is the artwork. Rafa Sandoval really knocks it out of the park in these three issues with both action sequences and the quieter moments.

My main complaint would be that the antagonist is not very interesting. Three issues in and we still do not know anything about him. I am sure the last issue will yield some answers, but I was hoping that Bendis would give us a few more hints as to who the purple guy in the lime green armor is.

Ultimate Comics Enemy has proven to be an entertaining mini thus far. All of Bendis' strengths are on display here, backed up by some great artwork. But is this mini worth picking up for Spidey fans? Spidey has not had much time to shine thus far. Much like his New Avengers appearances, he seems to be along for the ride, spouting the occasional quip to remind us that he is there. Iceman managed to save his family and his house, so there are no major developments that would force a Spider-Man fan to pick this book up.

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