Amazing Spider-Man 633

Posted by bps 17 June 2010

So, part four of the Lizard story a.k.a SHED is finally here. This also marks the end of the little games the Kravens have been playing with Spider-Man. What comes next is no longer fun and games.

The Story

It all starts with a news reporter doing her job, when suddenly some creep appears trying to disturb her. Frank, the reporters friend comes steps in, only to be bitten by the creep.

Soon later, the reporter and her friend go psycho too. Frank kills the creep, and the reporter states that she is now his, since he is stronger. For those who have no idea what is going on, read Amazing Spider-Man 632. Its implied that the two go on to have sex there and then. Similar things are happening all over town - thanks to the Lizard.

The next scene shows Spider-Man coming into the city, squashing a little lizard underfoot. Spider-Man drinks the juice Connors used to keep himself stable, and proceeds to take on the Lizard. While struggling to survive, Spider-Man spits some remaining juice he swallowed into the Lizard's mouth. He then injects him with multiple doses of it as well.

Spidey also tries to reach out to Connors by showing him a picture a Billy. Extremely annoyed, the Lizard sends the mind controlled crowd of civilians to kill Spider-Man. With all the pressure, Spidey himself begins to hear the reptilian voice in his own head. Peter refuses to give in and soon blacks out.

The Lizard saves Spidey before he can die. When Spider-Man awakens, he finds the Lizard complaining that he now has pictures in his head. For a moment, the Lizard seems to have a conscience and tries to rationalize killing a young boy. He looks to Spider-Man for approval, to assure himself that he was showing his strength by killing Billy. The Lizard then looks up, sees the city, the airplane, and realizes that the mammals created it all. He realizes for the first time, with Connors brain, that there is more to life than danger and prey. He then leaves, and releases everyone from mind control.

Peter goes to Aunt May's home next, who for your information is still negatived by Mr. Negatives touch. ( Its been more than 10 issues ) He asks Aunt May for help, searching for assurance violence is not really at the center of humanity. In her own mind, Aunt May has an intense battle, of which she finally wins. She is finally seen sitting next to Peter.

The issue ends with The Lizard again, mind controlling a few humans, bringing them to him for observation. Or something like that.


I really love the way they ended it. The Lizard is now becoming slightly mammal. He is curious, and wants to know a little more about mammal behavior. Spider-Man may have awakened an even more dangerous enemy than before. The final scene with the Lizards new 'pets' is classic as all the little humans are smiling.

It certainly seems as though Connors is really gone for good. With Connors no longer  in control of his mind, the Lizard is now able to use his mind and, in a sense, see things from a human perspective. A perfect ending to the story.

I think the Aunt May story was really lame. After 13 issues of being negatived, she suddenly breaks out of it. Why didn't she do that earlier?

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