Avengers #1 Review

Posted by matthewaos 06 July 2010

After Siege, there is no SHIELD, no HAMMER, only the Avengers. Steve Rogers is the top cop and choose the persons he thought needed for the Avengers. Everyone still is wondering why Wolverine and Spider-Man are on both teams though. Plus, the “big three” are reunited, though obviously Bucky is still Captain America.

The Story
I haven’t seen the Next Avengers movie, so I go with what I’ll go with only what is given in the book, like I don’t know the characters.
Immortus shouts some threats, when he is obliterated by a blast. Seems like some young characters are responsible: One of them has (maybe) the photon shield of Cap, one looks like Iron Man, one like Hawkeye, and generally they look like some young Avengers.
We see now that Steve Rogers asks several characters to be Avengers: War Machine, Black Widow, Justice, Spider-Man, Hulkling, Wolverine, Captain America, Thor, Tigra, Patriot, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Mockingbird, Doctor Strange, Hawkeye, Speed, Stature, Wiccan, Vision, Spider-Woman, Hawkeye (Clint), Wasp, Beast and Wonder Man.
Wonder Man now says to Steve that the Avengers should not be formed because they were the cause for all the troubles lately. Steve later gathers the main Avengers team (Thor, Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Spider-Woman, Iron Man). Iron Man tells Steve that lately they do not agree so often so it’s not a good idea but Steve tells him that he will not be in charge of the team, Maria Hill will be.
Then Kang enters the scene and goes on a fight with Thor. Kang shows a machine that Iron Man has not constructed yet, but he thought it once, a dark matter accelerator. Kang informs them that their children, who live in a world, ruined and reinvented by Ultron, are destroying the time stream. Ultron destroyed the world and the Avengers. Their children grew up in this world and destroyed Ultron and took over his empire. Kang is going to be destroyed by this, so he asks the Avengers’ help.
The Avengers wonder what they are going to do, and they decide they need a time machine and Wolverine says that he knows someone. Kang returns where he came from and informs to someone the situation, someone who seems to commands him. It’s Hulk, but obviously from some other timeline, looking like Maestro.

Ok let me say this: Kang once send a Spider-Man robot back in time to defeat the Avengers. I will only asks this, if Kang is from the future, why doesn’t he read a book and see how things turn out? Yes I find Kang silly, and time travel sickens me, when used only for the sake of it. In this issue Kang is not bothering me, though I have a feeling he will. But the first issue seems very well written, and to be exact, it seems like Bendis has a lot of fun writing this. I am a big fun a JRjr, but this is not his best work ever, there are some infamous panels, like the one with Spider-Woman that are not good. I don’t know how subjective I can be for his art though; otherwise it’s as good as we know it, not exceptional. Generally an interesting issue, let’s see what happens next.

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