Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #12-13 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 15 August 2010

The Chameleon tears Peter Parker's life apart. Issue #12

Mary Jane and the Chameleon (as Peter) ride home in a taxi from the Daily Bugle. The Chameleon observes that MJ still has feelings for Peter and starts to kiss her. MJ succumbs at first but quickly pulls herself back. Angered, she leaves the taxi cab.

The Chameleon arrives at the Parker residence and has a hard time finding his bearings. He heads to the attic where he calls his partner and informs her of his current status. The Chameleon suspects that there is more to Peter than meets the eye and intends to discover what it is. Gwen comes up to visit him and the Chameleon tells her that MJ came on to him. Gwen becomes furious and leaves the attic.

The next morning the Chameleon heads to Midtown, where he assaults and threatens Flash Thompson. He then runs into MJ again and tries to manipulate her into revealing Peter's secret. The interaction ends with the two of them kissing, only this time Gwen is around to see it.

That night the Chameleon returns to Peter's house and Aunt May gives him a lecture on the way he treats women. The Chameleon ignores her and heads for the attic, where he breaks open Peter's chest and discovers his Spider-Man costume and webshooters.

Issue #13

Wearing Spider-Man's costume, the Chameleon experiments with Spidey's webshooters.

Meanwhile, Peter wakes up, drugged and tied to a chair along with J. Jonah Jameson. The two of them start to talk and Jameson deduces that Peter is Spider-Man.

The Chameleon begins robbing banks as Spider-Man, using mutant growth hormone to increase his strength and agility. Deciding that he no longer needs Jameson, the Chameleon orders his partner to kill him.

The Chameleon's partner is actually his sister and she possesses the same shape shifting powers. She shoots Jameson in the head right in front of Peter.

As news of "Spider-Man's" crime spree hits the airwaves, Aunt May realizes that it cannot be Peter. She orders Bobby and Johnny to defeat the imposter and bring the real Peter home.


While it's always fun to see the Chameleon mess up Peter's life, this type of story has been done many times before. The Ultimate Chameleon is not as interesting as his Marvel Universe counterpart, although giving him a sister is a cool twist. The Chameleon's actions have definitely scarred the Gwen/MJ friendship which should put Peter in a difficult position.

JJ has never had a big role in the Ultimate line, but I hope he's not really dead. His death does not serve much of a purpose here, and I'm curious to see what he would do now that he seems to know Peter is Spider-Man.

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