Web of Spider-Man #10 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 15 August 2010

The Extremist puts Jameson's morality to the test and Jackpot does some stuff.First Story - The Extremist Part 3

Mayor Jameson is escorted by his bodyguards to a secret bunker underneath City Hall. Unfortunately the Extremist easily enters the bunker using his phasing powers. He kills the two bodyguards and captures Jameson.

Spider-Man arrives at City Hall and gets a mixed reaction from the guards.

The Extremist leaves Jameson in a panic room with two automated guns pointed at the door. The Extremist plans to lure Spidey to the door where he will be gunned down. The Extremist does not gag Jameson; giving him the option of warning Spider-Man beforehand.

The guards are still divided on what to do with Spider-Man and begin fighting each other. The Extremist enters the room and attacks Spidey. During their battle Spidey lures the Extremist into the reporter's bullpen where he reveals to the press that the Extremist is Tyler Smithson and that he dedicated his life to "protecting" heroes when his mother was killed during the gang war between Mister Negative and the Hood. Spidey has another surprise for the Extremist when he makes him solid again using the device he used against the Vulture back in ASM #2. Spider-Man punches the Extremist's hood off revealing his scarred face. It turns out that the Extremist is not a mutant, but that he paid Doc Tramma to make him what his mother always wanted him to be.

Defeated, the Extremist brings Spidey to the panic room. After noticing a camera on the wall, Jameson decides to warn Spider-Man about the guns, although his spider-sense tipped him off anyway. The Extremist breaks free and attempts to kill Jameson. The wall guns are still firing lasers in Spidey's direction, so Spider-Man grabs a mirror to deflect them. The mirror also causes the Extremist to look at himself and read his own aura. The Extremist is devastated that his aura is the same as Jameson's. The lasers then bounce off the mirror and shoot the Extremist in the chest, putting him out of his misery.

Second Story - Jackpot (sigh) in Negative Reinforcement

Jackpot fights Red Dragon in the prison yard. Although she manages to get the better of him, she is soon overwhelmed by his henchmen and knocked out. Upon regaining consciousness the police inform her that Fred Myers is dead and that they do not know who ordered the hit. She interrogates one of the Red Dragon's henchmen but the henchman's costume shocks him to death before he can reveal anything. Jackpot does manage to grab a tiny camera off the corpse.

Reed Richards is able to trace the signal of the camera back to its origin and gives Jackpot an address.

Jackpot arrives at Mister Negative's hideout but is no match for the supervillain. Mister Negative reveals that Fred Myers is actually alive!


It was odd that the Extremist was surprised by his grey aura. Last issue he seemed to be aware that what he did was morally wrong.

The story pretty much plays out the way you expect it to. I might have enjoyed it more if it were only a two parter. I'm glad that the Extremist was not a mutant, although now that he's dead I suppose it doesn't matter.

Sana Tekeda's great artwork was the only thing that stood out about the Jackpot story. Though I am glad Boomerang's not dead.

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