Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat #2 Review

Posted by matthewaos 18 September 2010

Ugh... The story continues but I'm not that interested anymore to be honest. Not that it's a bad story, but this issue didn't make me curious as to what will happen next month. Kind of dissapointed there are two issues more instead of one.

The Story

The Black Cat continues "collecting" what the kidnapper of her mom says. His associate discovers that all three items have one thing in common: They belonged to the Kravinoff family someday and that guy is maybe some kind of Kraven stalker or whatever.

Spider-Man arrives, convinced that Black Cat is robbing everyone, trying to stop her, but she avoids him.

Though at the end the cliffhanger is wierd... It seems that her mother is working with this guy or something?

Anyway. I am not impressed with this issue, but there are two issues more left. I hope that things will get better.

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