Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #14 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 14 October 2010

Peter is rescued, but the damage is done.
The Story

The Human Torch and Iceman confront the Chameleon, who in the midst of robbing an armored truck. After failing to convince the two that he is Peter Parker, Chameleon makes a run for it.

At the Chameleon Twins' hideout, the Chameleon's sister tells Peter that if he does not reveal the confidential information he knows about SHIELD and his fellow heroes, her and her brother will kill his family and friends. Her brother suddenly bursts in and frantically orders his sister to kill Peter so they can leave. Peter manages to regain his strength and fight off the siblings long enough for Johnny and Bobby to arrive and finish them off. Johnny takes Jameson, who is barely alive, to the hospital. The Spider-Friends send the Chameleon Twins into SHIELD custody and return home.

Jameson later wakes up in the hospital with one word on his lips: "Parker..."


With the exception of Jameson's survival, Bendis' conclusion does not offer much in the way of surprises. The Spider-Friends save Peter and that's about all that happens. Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to all the ramifications this story will bring, it's just that none of them occur in this issue.

This was a solid conclusion to a great storyline. Although not as psychotic as his Marvel Universe counterpart, it was still fun to see the Chameleon pose as Peter and mess up his life. As always, David LaFuente's art was brilliant throughout. Ultimate Spider-Man has been on a role since the relaunch. Spidey fans do themselves a great disservice by not picking it up.

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