So, its been more than a year since I've posted part 1. Obviously, back then I had no intention of making a part two. I know its pretty lame to keep rambling about how this comic used to be, nonetheless, here's a few extra panels just to remind fans of what is no longer, unfortunately.

This was not too long after the two got back together after being separated for a while. Peter had been putting off sleeping with MJ till he was relaxed and had cleared his mind of whatever he was going through.

This scene leads to the other scene, of which part of it can be found in Spider-Man reviews: Flashback.
Below is another scan from when Peter visits MJ on her 'big day' at the theater. The scan below are just his thoughts to himself.

Anyway, the reason why I'm posting this again is because I found a little facebook page created by Stuart Green from the Spider-Man crawlspace boards.  And on the page there is a link, for people to petition/sign and bring back the Marriage. ( Not that this will ever get across to the writers in my opinion) But why not have a go! If you prefer ASM the way it used to be that is. 

Check out this link

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