Amazing Spider-Man 650 pt 2

Posted by bps 03 January 2011

Ok, so here is the extremely late Part two of Amazing Spider-Man 650.

The Story

The Story takes place in The Raft, Maximum security prison. We see Dr Folsome waiting for an escort who eventually comes - Mr Jenkins/ Mach -5. Dr. Folsome talks about his past to Mach-5 and how he loved science.

They eventually meet the Dr's patient - MacGargan/ Scorpion who was previously Venom, until the Symbiote left him. They talk about Mac Gargan's ill condition since the symbiote had left him. As they continue discussing, Dr Folsome says that he'll have to take MacGargan back to his own lab. When Mach-5 disallows it, Dr Folsome reveals that he is not actually Dr Folsome. He is in fact Alistair Smithe aka the Spider-Slayer, who had killed Dr Folsome the day before apparently. We also learn that Smithe's father was the one who began working on radioactive materials to power Jonah Jameson's Spider-Slayer Robots.

The Spider-Slayer eventually kidnaps MacGargan, planning to create something else out of him.


I personally did not find this second story very interesting at all. It does show us that there is going to be some improvements to Scorpion - adding to the growing list of Spidey bad guys. This could definitely be a start to something a whole arc.

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