Osborn #1 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 01 January 2011

When it was announced that Norman Osborn's Dark Reign would be coming to an end after Siege, I thought the event would mark the end of the road for the character. Norman achieved what he always wanted to achieve after Secret Invasion, and now that his hold on power was coming to an end any of his subsequent appearances would have had to be about him trying to reclaim power. Norman in power is something I highly doubt Marvel is going to explore again. Consequently, I thought Norman would kick the bucket at the end of Siege.

Luckily, the talented minds at Marvel are far more creative than I. Is Norman's latest scheme worth your time and money?

The Story

Norman Osborn sits in a prison cell at the Raft, biding his time until he can reclaim power.

Norah Winters and Peter Parker head out to lunch. Ben Urich has assigned Norah to write a follow-up on Norman Osborn but she's having doubts, having caved in when Norman threatened her back in Amazing #599. Peter encourages her to write the article.

A few senators from the subcommittee on human rights and the law gather to discuss the fate of Norman Osborn, who has yet to be charged with any crimes and stands the chance of walking away a free man. After some debate they decide to transfer him to a "certain privately operated facility." Sounds unpleasant.

A priest named Father Coulmier arrives at a mysterious "special containment centre" to speak with five prisoners; a demon entity named Pryor Cashman ("Kingmaker"), an alien reptile called Xirdal, a phasable entity called Carl Rives, a gifted chemical biologist named June Covington ("the Toxic Doxie"), and a South American chimera god called Al Apaec ("the Decapitator"). The priest does not have much luck getting through to them.

The senators from the subcommittee meeting inform Norman that he is being transferred.

Father Coulmier receives a call from one of the senators who informs Coulmier that Norman has been transferred. The senator tells Coulmier to "stick to the plan" and hangs up. Coulmier walks into his bathroom and takes off his shirt, revealing a goblin tattoo on the back of his neck.

Norah learns from her contacts that Norman has been moved from the Raft to an unspecified location. She immediately informs Ben Urich.

Meanwhile, Norman is given a cell next to the five prisoners.

Second Story - The Prime of Miss June Covington

We learn June Covington's back story through a prison interview. Bottom line: she's nuts.


I must admit, I was not expecting much from "Osborn" but Kelly Sue DeConnick has really surprised me. She has a great grasp on all the characters involved, particularly Norman Osborn, who comes off as a cold, calculating psychopath, the way I prefer him portrayed when not wearing a goblin mask. The story is intriguing and has had some great twists thus far. I'm interested to see how Norman interacts with the other five prisoners. I enjoyed Emma Rios' artwork on Shed and she continues to impress here.

Warren Ellis' backup story is brilliant and is reminiscent of his Thunderbolts run. It's worth purchasing this comic just for that.

I thought Norman Osborn would lose a lot of momentum after Siege, but it looks like he's back and better than ever.

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