Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #150 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 01 January 2011

Wow, only 15 issues in and Ultimate Spider-Man is already reverting back to its original numbering.

The Story

Spider-Man stops the Ringer from robbing a diamond exchange. Their fight causes massive amounts of property damage.

In light of the damage his fight with the Ringer caused as well as the Chameleon Twins incident, S.H.I.E.L.D. director Carol Danvers has a meeting with Iron Man, Captain America and Thor on what to do about Spider-Man. Each of the three heroes tells a story about an encounter they had with Spider-Man; Iron Man was impressed with the knowledge Spidey displayed when he saved him from Whiplash. Cap tells the story of how Spider-Man inadvertently ruined Cap's chances of capturing a group of A.I.M. agents who stole secret plans from the Triskelion. Thor tells the story of how Spidey helped him defeat the sorcerer Xandu. After listening to the opinions of the three heroes, Carol decides what to do about Spider-Man.

The next day Peter Parker comes home from school and finds Aunt May having tea with Carol Danvers. Carol informs Peter that he's going to superhero school!


This was a decent issue of Ultimate Spider-Man, though if you were not a fan of the series before, this anniversary issue is not going to convince you. Three different artists draw the three different stories told by the heroes. The best of these was by far the Thor story drawn by the incredibly talented Scottie Young. Peter going to superhero school is an interesting development, and I am willing to bet that this will be the central premise of the upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man television series.

This issue also contains a reprint of the Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special that came out a while back. For those of you who haven't read it, this is a fantastic story jam packed with terrific visuals from several different artists. It easily tops the main feature.

Congratulations Ultimate Spider-Man on reaching 150 issues!

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