Amazing Spider-Man 653

Posted by bps 08 February 2011

This issue starts with a number of bug-guys chasing after the Jameson's, who are running away in a limo. See the previous issue for more info.

The story
The Spider-Slayer gives his reason to Jameson ( the mayer) as to why he is attacking him and his family. He also states that he is going to take out his first born - John Jameson.

John in the meantime is on a rocket that is about to explode. Scorpion is also on the rocket, making sure that things go according to plan. We last saw Spider-Man trying to fight the new improved Scorpion while hanging on to the rocket. That is exactly where Spidey is now.

After attempting to squirt some webbing, and failing, Spider-Man realizes that he needs help to fight Scorpion on a rocket. He then calls the Avengers, who unfortunately are all busy. Squirrel girl answers the phone, not being very helpful. She does however show some concern when Spider-Man is unable to finish his sentence talking to her due to an attack being made on him by Scorpion.

Realizing that his call to the Avengers were in vain, he decides to make use of MacGargan instead, who doesn't seem to have a problem with the strong G-Force at the speed they are travelling at. He is essentially trying to get Scorpion to break open a hatch on the rocket.

In another scene, Max Modell, Peter's employer begins to notice Peter's disappearance whenever Spider-Man comes to the scene. Max manages to restore communication with the shuttle. John Jameson, who is on board explains that he is helpless and is unable to control anything on board.

Elsewhere, Dr. Ock is listening closely. For some reason, he is holding a grudge against the Spider-Slayer and does not want him to succeed. He also has his own personal agenda which requires the shuttle to function properly and land at Horizon's orbital platform. As such, he activates his little octobots, which were somehow on board, to fix the problem. Smythe ( Spider-Slayer) is confused, knowing fully well that Spidey didn't do anything to save the day. Spidey thinks he saved the day, and Jameson thinks his son was the genius who saved his own rocket.

With the controls back in action, things work out perfectly, and everyone is safe. All except for Spidey who is falling down to the ground from the sky. Spidey tries to spin some web parachutes but is attacked by Scorpion who is able to fall from his altitudes and land without feeling a thing. Luckily for Spidey, Ms Marvel comes to his rescue, ( Thanks to Squirrel girl )

The story does not end here however as the Spider-Slayer insists on hurting Jameson's loved ones including those at the Bugle and his wife - Marla, who happens to be at a spa with Aunt May. Spidey asks for help from the rest of the Avengers to spread around to stop the army of bug-men.

The Avengers however, are having problems fighting with the bug guys because they seem to have a sixth sense, similar to Spidey's Spider sense. As such, Spidey rushes off to his workplace to get a spider sense jammer.

The final scene however, shows Mr Modell catching Peter sneaking back into the lab. He then says that he wants to have a talk with Peter about Spider-Man.


For a minute, I thought that Spidey was really getting lucky in this issue with Dr. Ock helping him out, and Ms Marvel appearing out of no where to save him. The last scene looks like things could change for the worst though. I'm absolutely loving the new Scorpion - raising his threat level from a B-class villain to something thats actually dangerous.

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