Osborn #3 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 12 February 2011

Into the lion's den...
The Story

Norman and his posse enter the other side of the Special Containment Centre, where hundreds of criminals are rioting. Meanwhile, Norah Winters watches the whole thing unfold from the control room above.

Desperate to find Norah, Sarah Saulsby calls Senator Sondra Muffoletto's office. While on the phone, Sarah discovers the goblin tattoo with pier 84 written on the back on Norah's desk. Sarah tells Muffoletto's secretary to ask Muffoletto if pier 84 means anything to her.

Back at the Special Containment Centre, Norman and his team continue to battle the other convicts. However, when the convicts notice that Norman is amongst them, they stop fighting and begin chanting his name. Judging by all the goblin tattoos, it looks like all the convicts are members of Norman's cult.

Senator Muffoletto receives a call from her secretary, asking her about pier 84. She denies knowing anything and then phones Senator Bill Morrison to set up a meeting. However, Morrison rebuffs her, leaving a frustrated Muffoletto to throw her coffee pot against the wall.

While Norman is being hoisted into the air by the convicts, the Priest points out that Norah is watching them. Norman orders Al Apaec to bring her down, and Norman informs Norah that he is planning to build an army...


With the third chapter of Osborn, Kelly Sue DeConnick delivers an action heavy issue. It's always fun to see Norman cut loose, and Emma Rios brings Norman's sadistic side to life beautifully. However, Rios' fight scenes can be hard to follow at times, as the lack of detail in some panels make Norman and the other convicts look the same.

I am curious to see where DeConnick is going with this. Will Norman break out? If not, who will stop him? So far this book has exceeded my expectations and I am eager to see how it concludes.

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