Spider-girl # 3

Posted by bps 08 February 2011

This issue didn't quite do it for me. It essentially just builds more background to Spider-girl/ Anya Corazon. So far, her father has been killed as a result of a mindless rampage by the Red Hulk. We also know that Red Hulk was not himself during the rampage, and that there is a creep who knows Spider-girl's secret identity, and probably has something against her.

The Story
This issue stars with Anya still mourning over her father's death. She is in her home alone, wearing her Spider-girl costume, talking to herself, and worrying about how she is going to pay the bills/ rent and etc. She concludes that she need to confide in someone who knows her secret identity. She does not want just anyone however. Instead, she wants to talk her problems out to someone who knew her as Anya first before she became Spider-girl.

Throughout the issue, Anya has short conversations with her good friend, Rocky - who lost her mom to the goblin while Spider-Man was fighting him one day. ( See the Spider-girl # 2 ) Anya attends her fathers funeral, talks to her friend Rocky and decides that she will spend the night at Rocky's house.

In the meantime, there is this other guy on the sideline, her neighbor, who appears to be trying to take advantage of Anya's loss. ( trying to get her to spend the night at his place etc. )

While walking to Rock's house, she witnesses some thugs trying to break into a shop. She changes to Spider-girl, only to find that the thugs have already been caught and wrapped in a car. The Red hulk then appears, catches her and takes her someplace private to have a talk.

He explains that he was poisoned when he killed her father. He was investigating a murder of his friend when he met her father. They spoke briefly and exchanged some words/ information that almost helped him solve the murder. Unfortunately, amidst their chatting, someone poisoned their coffee. The poison caused the Red Hulk to transform. ( He was previously in his human form) Anyhow, the conclusion of the scene was that Spider-girl and the Red Hulk were going to team up to take down the people behind the murder, a group called Raven. 

Spider-girl decides to tell everything she knows to Sue Storm/ the Invisible Woman, including her double life as Spider-Girl. Sue reveals that she had known all along as Anya's father had told her long ago.

Like I said at the start, this issue was pretty shallow. There's nothing in this issue that you can't find in Wikipedia. This issue kinda shadows Peter Parker's life when Uncle Ben was killed in a way. After all, almost every superhero has to have a sad story right?

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