Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #153 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 14 February 2011

The Death of Spider-Man starts here, apparently. This event is supposed to change the landscape of the Ultimate Universe as we know it. I'm surprised this event is starting so soon when Brian Michael Bendis' Ultimate Trilogy, another event that's supposed to have significant ramifications on the Ultimate Universe, hasn't even finished yet.

But I digress... will Spidey make it past the prelude?

The Story

Cairo, years ago: The Kingpin receives the Zodiac Key from a man named Yasif in exchange for a hefty payment. Yasif explains that the key honours the request of the holder, but not without a price. Once the Kingpin touches the key, everything around him is instantly destroyed. Shocked by what happened, the Kingpin vows to keep the key hidden from everybody.

Spider-Man meets Iron Man at the top of Stark International for superhero training. Only problem is that Iron Man doesn't have a curriculum in mind, and thus the two don't get very far.

The Black Cat (currently in possession of the Zodiac Key) arrives at her apartment, where she is confronted by Mysterio. Mysterio explains what the key does and that it was given to the ancient pharaohs by aliens as a gift to the person they thought ruled the world. He then demands that Black Cat give him the key. The Cat however, decides to use it herself...

Iron Man brings Spidey to one of his labs, and the two have a chat about power and responsibility. All of a sudden, Iron Man's computer detects an "alpha level energy surge" in the Soho district. He and Spider-Man head out to investigate.

It looks like Black Cat's attempted use of the Zodiac Key resulted in the destruction of a large section of the Soho district (although Mysterio seems fine, hmmm). Traumatized, Black Cat hands Mysterio the Zodiac Key just as Spider-Man and Iron Man arrive on the scene. There is an explosion...


I am liking this version of Mysterio. His casual approach to supervillainy is refreshing. Spidey's interaction with Iron Man was great, especially when Iron Man tells Spider-Man what the other heroes think of him. I find the idea of the Zodiac Key to be a little hokey, but we'll see where Bendis goes with it.

The Death of Spider-Man storyline is off to an odd start. I doubt the Zodiac Key will result in Spidey's death, if he is destined to die. And there is no mention of Spidey at all in the first issue of Ultimate Comics Avengers vs. New Ultimates, despite the giant "Death of Spider-Man" banner on the cover. Still, with the return of Mark Bagley not too far away, we can rest assured that whatever the Death of Spider-Man holds in store, it will at least look good.

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