Amazing Spider-Man 657

Posted by bps 01 April 2011

Its been a pretty long time since we've had two Amazing Spider-Man reviews back to back. Our last review was something like 10 days ago! wow. Sorry guys. Will try updating a lil more.

The Story
Amazing Spider-Man 657 takes place before FF#1, and after Amazing Spider-Man 656 *duh*. By the way, we are working on getting a reviewer for FF as well.

This issue primarily deals with Spider-Man thinking back about his time with the Fantastic Four, more specifically Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch. We find out that Spider-Man missed Johnny's funeral service as he wasn't able to come to terms with reality, especially after Marla Jameson's death.

Peter makes a visit to the Fantastic Four. While there, he recalls the good times he had with Johnny and each of the other Fantastic Four members. Being approximately the same age as Johnny, compared to the other members, the two of them were like brothers.

A number of old stories were brought up, some stories that the other members had never even heard. In conclusion however, the Fantastic Four assure him that he too, is part of their family. The issue ends with Reed playing the last recording Johnny had left for Peter. He requests that Peter take his place with the Fantastic Four. Peter agrees, pushing us into the new FF series.

The art in this issue changes quite a bit whenever an old story is recalled. Personally, I am have not been one to follow the Fantastic Four. This issue however stirred a little interest in their series. Overall, its a great marketing plan for Marvel to join Spider-Man into the FF. Definitely pulls Spidey fans to buy a new comic.

Personally, I strongly believe that the Human Torch is going to rise from the dead, somehow. Eventually, they will bring him back just like they did with the Thor and Captain America. He's just too big a name to stay dead. To sum it all, I really liked this issue. Sweet and simple. Looking forward to see what develops from this.

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