Osborn #4 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 07 April 2011

If you're not buying this series, you should immediately act to rectify that mistake...

The Story

We last left our friend Norman Osborn in an underwater prison with hundreds of escaped convicts ready to die for him and Norah Winters in his clutches. After questioning Norah on how she got there, Norman decides to let her write her story. Norman gives a rousing speech to the prison population and then retires to an above control room with Norah, June Covington and the Priest.

After the four compare notes, Norman is able to figure out that Senator Muffoletto is being set up by her political rivals to take the fall for the underwater prison, using Norman's "transfer" there as the catalyst. After having June escort Norah out of the room, Norman calls Muffoletto. He informs her that she is being set up and offers her a deal; in exchange for Norman getting sent back to the Raft and receiving a trial, he will guarantee that the existence of the underwater prison will never become publicly known. After some hesitation, Muffoletto reveals the location of an escape sub located in the prison. After hanging up the phone, she asks for the Pentagon.

After sending the Priest on a mission, Norman gathers Norah, June, Pryor Cashman and Al Apaec and heads for the escape sub. Once there, they run into the mysterious figure who brought Norah to the prison, who is revealed to be Carney Rives. Rives uses his phasing powers to open the submarine allowing them all to escape.

Meanwhile, the Priest succeeds in his last mission, blowing up the underwater prison.


We are nearing the end of Osborn and I am still awe struck by how awesome this series is. Kelly Sue DeConnick has a perfect handle on Norman's voice, striking the perfect balance between the power hungry would-be tyrant and the eccentric sociopath. Emma Rios also brings her 'A' game to the table; the facial expressions and body language of all her characters, particularly Norman, are perfect.

I'm not sure what DeConnick will be doing after Osborn wraps up, but whatever it is, count me in. She's made a fan here.

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