Spider-girl # 5

Posted by bps 01 April 2011

Okay, so we're not the most up to date Spider-Man website in the world. But I try to keep up when I have the time. Since I have sometime in my hands, I thought I'd just do another review today.

The Story
This issue starts with Spider-girl, ready to take on her enemy - Ana Kraven, after having a tough day/week since her dad passed on. For the first half of the fight, Spider-girl beats her enemy easily, lashing all her stress and anger from the day out on her opponent. Half way through however, Ana Kraven picks up the pace, stating that she was just gaging her enemies strengths and weaknesses. At this point, Miss Kraven starts to trash Spider-girl, even using innocent bystanders to prevent Spider-girl from running away.

The fight crashes into a computer store. Here Spider-girl throws a laptop at her enemy which strikes Ana easily. At this point, Spider-girl concludes that her enemy is not used to unfamiliar weapons/ territory ( Such as laptops being thrown at her ).

Spider-girl uses this to her advantage and leads her enemy out across town to the Baxter building - HQ to the former Fantastic Four ( now known as the FF ) With the Baxter building's defense mechanism designed to eliminate threat, Ana Kraven is thrown out the building - back to the streets.

On the side, we see the creep who has been stalking Spider-girl, and knows her secret identity has expressed some interest to his colleague to make Spider-girl an agent of Raven.

Realizing that Spider-girl has the advantage here, she decidees to leave the scene. Spider-girl however has different plans and pursues her enemy, continuing to fight. At first Ana Kraven thinks Spider-girl to be a fool, knowing that she is the better fighter of the two. Spider-girl proves her differently however, explaining how this is her territory.

Ana Kraven soon finds her legs tied to a truck and is dragged along the main road. Fortunately for her, Spider-girl cuts the rope before her injuries become fatal. Ana Kraven is then taken to prison.

Further on the side, a mini story builds up where some of Anya's friends wonder how the Spider-girl footage is recorded at such perfect angles. One of her friends notice that the videos are uploaded by Phil Urich aka the Hobgoblin, suggesting that he will be in the next issue.

Its funny how Spider-girl talks (tweets) to herself a lot, even speaking to her enemy with modern social networking terms such as 'Friend request, and unfollow.'  Pretty cheesy, but unique if you ask me.

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