Spider-Man costumes pt 2

Posted by bps 15 April 2011

I once did a blog post on the different Spider-Man costumes worn by Spidey up to 2009. I may have missed a few, but I got most of them. Check out Spider-Man Costumes pt 1. Recently however, more specifically, since Big Time, Peter Parker has gotten a new job at Horizon Labs, giving him time and resources to create new Spider-Man Costumes.

Firstly, we have Spider-Man's invisible costume which he first wore in Amazing Spider-Man 650. Take note that this issue came out somewhere around the same time the remake the Tron Legacy- the movie was released.

In Amazing Spider-Man 651, we find out that this suit can also change from Invisibility mode, to "silence out every super sonic frequency" mode. This suit was designed to fight the new Hobgoblin - Phil Urich. 

Did I mention that this costume can also change to another mode where it emits florescent light! I really have no idea what this costume does, but yea. 

In Amazing Spider-Man 656, Spider-Man, after losing his Spider-sense, realizes that he can't dodge bullets anymore. As such, he creates a bullet proof costume. 

Just when you think there can't be any more costumes in such few issues, Spider-Man joins the FF - former Fantastic Four, and is given a new costume again. This costume can change its appearance at will power and is made of unstable molecules. The default mode is obviously the white one to match the rest of the team.

The image above takes place in FF#1. In Amazing Spider-Man 658 however, Spider-Man, apparently left his costume behind at the FF Headquarters. He then appears there on his first mission with the FF with another of his own costumes. 

So these are the new Spider-Man up to ASM 658. I post a Spider-Man Costumes pt 3 as soon as we see Spidey in another 5 costumes. 

Be sure to check out Spider-Man costumes pt 1

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