FF:1 Review.

Posted by whiteshark 15 April 2011

The stories of the Fantastic Four as they were in the past have come to an end. The Future Foundation is the next step, and the future of the team that pretty much started the modern Marvel stories way back in the 60s.
Sure there were reformulations in the team in the past (As periods of time in which Crystal,She-Hulk,Black Panther and Storm replaced the original members of Fantastic Four).
But this time around it is not simple a change of members.
Johny Storm took on a whole Annihilation wave by himself to save the members of Fantastic Four,but died as a result of it. Spider-Man as asked by Human Torch himself in a old recording went to replace him which really makes sense considering the mutual history of Spidey and Fantastic Four.
Yet this is more of a new Fantastic Four title with new members.
The same ideas and mentality that kept the team together through the years has been pushed forward harder. The ambitions of the team also seem to be broader now.
There is a whole bitter undertone going through the main characters due to recent events,that not even the entrance of the friendly Spider-Man in the team seems to diminish.
Reed and Sue are just trying to get their minds off the death of Johny by keeping themselves busy. The Thing is blaming himself for what happened to Johnny and is having the most grim characterization that I remember the character having.
Spider-Man is dealing with normal problems of self-adjusting in a team of super heroes, and replacing Johny.
Besides the challenges of making the ideas of Future Foundation work,there is a renegade team of members of A.I.M. that will surelly create lots of headaches to the FF and in this first issue recruit a very dangerous ally (Wizard).

So this first issue of FF is a well crafted story both in the plot and art,and makes this new ongoing title to me, one of the most interesting Marvel comic books.

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