X-Men #09 Review

Posted by telekineticfrisbee 14 April 2011

In the previous issues Spider-Man teams up with the X-Men to hunt for the Lizard. The story continues in Serve and Protect - part 3.

The Story

This issue starts with
Wolverine slashing the human lizards. Emma, Storm, Gambit and Spider-Man join him. Wolverine informs them that Max was taken by a talking lizard. They come across some disgusting but meticulous dissections. Storm assumes that Connors is behind this but Spider-man disagrees saying someone else must be behind the experiments.

Meanwhile, the talking lizard brings Max to its master (DB001) and warns him about the intruders. It turns out that the real Lizard/ Dr. Connors is hooked up to a machine. We then see that DB001 is none other than (surprise!) Dark Beast. Lars, the second lizard was a limbless guy turned into human reptile mutate by Dark Beast using Connors research.

Max is locked up with the other teenagers by Lars. They demand to know why they are being held captive. Dark Beast explains the Lizard’s ability to unlock the reptilian part of human brain which turns them into lizards (read Shed). He then uses his machine to transform the kids, except Max, into reptiles. The villain wants Max to know that he is the most unfortunate and saddest losers of all the others. This knowledge will make him the most susceptible to the tranformation signal.

The heroes reach a white chamber where they are attacked by the newly turned lizards. Spidey and his X-friends defeat the teen-lizards. They are then assaulted by a huge reptilian Max. Gambit unleashes a kinetic explosion which makes him retreat. The X-Men and Spider-Man follow him to another room. Spider-Man warns them not to rush in but is locked out. Inside the room, the X-Men are greeted by Dark Beast and his machine’s signal. They all transform into X-lizards expect for Emma who is in her telepathy-blocking diamond form.

ThoughtsThe story has picked up in this issue. We also see some action. The cover made it obvious that the X-Men would mutate into lizards. But why is Cyclops shown there? He does not appear in this issue at all. And someone has to come up with a better term for the lizard people. Spidey still has not done anything amazing. I suppose in issue #10 we'll see Emma and Spider-Man working together.

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