Amazing Spider-Man 661

Posted by bps 20 May 2011

Amazing Spider-Man 661 - the return of Spider-Man i his own comic. After seeing Spider-Man join the FF and their adventures for the last three issues, we finally get to see Spider-Man on his own.

The Story
To try to make it quick, the issue starts with Spider-Man, watching a class of students learning science at the Baxter Building. Seeing the kids so eager to learn causes him to miss his old job as a teacher. Although he offers to help teach the kids at the FF, his request is denied by Reeds.

The team carry on to fight a giant gorilla, who appears to have come from the microverse ( a tiny universe). The mystery as to how this gorilla got so huge is left unknown. Anyhow, Henry Pym aka Giant comes to the rescue by chance. He then explains how he really came to find a substitute teacher for some kids who were victims of Osborn's torture.

As such, they have been left with powers that cause them to appear as mis fits in the world. Spider-Man gladly takes the opportunity to teach and grabs the gig.

A while later, Peter is seen sharing his fear of teaching with Carlie, who has short hair again by the way. Carlie  tells him that this class could change who they become in the future for the better.

The next day Spider-Man's class with the kids don't seem to go too well. He doesn't seem to have any luck, and is unable to answer many of the questions the kids throw at him properly. He eventually decides to take them out.

Being lost in his thoughts, Spidey doesn't notice that the kids have disappeared to stop a robbery. When Spider-Man finally reaches the scene, the kids have busted the small time crooks, but pretty much hospitalized the bad guys.

Spider-Man tries to explain to them the right way to do it but is unable to as he seems to be losing his train of thought. Although seeming a little looney, Spider-Man eventually gets his act together and realizes that his bad day is being manipulated by the Psycho-Man ( the guy who made a very small appearance in ASM 658. )

In ASM 658, Psycho-Man managed to find a way into earth from the Microverse by spying on Reed Richards.

Psycho-man's powers include the ability to play on people's emotion, namely Fear, Hate, Doubt, with the help of his control box.

Anyway, he uses his powers and preys on the kids and Spider-Man. Filled with fear and doubt, Spider-Man begins to panic as he sees the kids going crazy around him. He eventually pulls himself together and trashes the control box.

Unfortunately, Psycho-Man has upgraded himself and has the control box built in himself. The scene ends with the kids, filled with hate, trying to kill Spider-Man.


It's great to see that Spider-Man still remembers his past as a teacher well enough. Although it is understood that everything that took place before Brand New Day still did happen, with the exception of Mary Jane being his girlfriend instead of his wife, it still feels like the old stories never took place, or carry no meaning now.

Reference to things that happened Pre-BND are nice to see in current stories. In my opinion, this Psycho-Man story is just a filler to bring out the real story - Spider-Man's relationship with kids/students, which was quite prominent in older stories. It also emphasizes Spider-Man's confidence in himself and morals i.e to keep fighting no matter how much it hurts.

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