Amazing Spider-Man 662

Posted by bps 26 May 2011

This issue pretty much wraps the story which was left hanging from Amazing Spider-Man 661. It ends pretty well, very predictable, with almost nothing hanging.

The Story
In the last issue, Spider-Man finds himself up against his students, having their emotions get the better of them - namely Hate. Spider-Man dodges attacks and tries to fight the kids without hurting them. For a brief moment, he gets some help from Reptil, one of the students whose power includes transforming into a dinosaur. In his dinosaur form, he was able to control himself briefly. He urges Spider-Man to kill them while he can.

Spider-Man obviously disagrees, and thus soon loses his only ally as Reptil eventually loses control of his mind. Eventually, Psycho-Man ( The one who is controlling the kids ) sends the kids to the public to kill an innocent.

Spider-Man tries hard to stop them. Eventually, he manages to get through to Reptil. Reptil then speaks some sense into Maddy ( the girl who can become gas ). Maddy then reaches to the rest of the team by releasing the smell of Osborn's lab.

In case some of you reader's didn't know, these kids were tortured by Osborn and experimented on. Releasing the smell of the lab caused the kids to fight as hard as they would against Osborn ad overcome their emotions.

Seeing the hate and anger in the children as they tore his robot body apart, Psycho-Man states that it is better to leave them alive. Spider-Man ignores his statement saying that he was just trying to get to their heads.

The second story: Infested stage 3
In this story, a man who has recently obtained Spider powers saves his family from a fire. Down the block, Spider-Man is trying to save as many people as he can from the same fire. Returning to the first guy, the man simply watches once his family is safe, stating that his family is his responsibility, not the others who are still burning.

The third story : Magnetic Man in The Choice 

Magnetic Man, a former villain whom Spider-Man put in jail six years ago has completed his time. Coming out from jail, he realizes that life is worst outside prison with a daughter that does not know him, a city that knows his bad record, and the inability to get land a job and etc. He has now resorted to robbing a bank. Just then Peter walks by. Seeing that he does not really want to rob the bank, he offers Magnetic Man a job at the Horizon Labs.

There really isn't much to comment on the second and third story. The build up for the second story is getting interesting as we see hoe different people react differently with Spider-powers.

The first story ends really well. Unfortunately, I like stories that carry something of significance to continuity. Honestly, a reader could go by perfectly well without reading these last two issues. Nothing of significance takes place as far as Spidey is concerned since he does not end up taking a more frequent role as a teacher at the Avenger's Academy.

If there is anything important that came out of this issue it would be the fact that the kids learned to control their emotions. Spider-Man certainly left a positive mark which would shape their future as heroes.

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