Osborn #5 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 19 May 2011

And now we come to what is (sadly) the last issue of Osborn...

The Story
With the help of Al Apaec, the submarine Norman Osborn, his prison posse and Norah Winters escaped on last issue manages to reach the surface.

Three weeks later Norah and Senator Muffoletto are called to testify at a Senate investigative hearing into Norman Osborn's disappearance. Norah's testimony reveals that she is unable to remember what happened after she met her mysterious informant on the pier, likely due to Norman drugging her after they escaped. Sick of the lying and political games, Muffoletto confesses to having arranged for Norman to be sent to the illegal underwater containment centre.

Meanwhile, after leaving the First National Bank, Norman goes to have a drink with June Covington. He then informs the police of his location and turns himself in.

Hearing that Norman has turned himself in, Norah rushes to the Federal Courthouse as Norman is being transferred to the Raft. She has a brief exchange with Norman but is unable to find out how he erased her memory or what really happened.

Later, Muffoletto visits Norman at the Raft. When asked why he blew up the prison, Norman explains that he was restoring the dignity of those incarcerated whom the system had left to rot; "mass murder as euthanasia" as Muffoletto puts it. Since she had ordered the Navy to fire on Norman's submarine, there would not be an investigation into the prison's destruction. As Muffoletto leaves, Norman's new doctor arrives with his meds; June Covington.


There's not much I can add here that I haven't already said in my past reviews, this series was excellent. Kelly Sue DeConnick's Norman is right on par with Warren Ellis' and Emma Rios' artwork was stellar throughout. I was surprised at how Norman scored a major victory here. I was expecting Norah or Muffoletto to somehow pull the rug out from under him but it never happened; the bad guy won. Norman managed to screw over everyone involved while putting himself in a better position to be released legally so that he can "save the world." Still not sure how he's going to pull that one off, but he clearly has plans.

Aside from the four new supervillains currently on the loose it may turn off some readers that Osborn did not have huge ramifications on the Marvel Universe or even Spider-Man's corner of it; Norman started the series in custody and the series ends with him in custody. Even still, Osborn is too good a story to pass up, especially for Norman and Spidey fans. If you missed this series in singles, be sure to pick up the trade.

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