Spider-girl # 7

Posted by bulletproofsponge 28 May 2011

Issue 7 has to be one of the better Spider-girl issues, featuring a whole lot of Spider-Man. In this issue we kinda get the sub plot that has been building up since issue # 1. Everything starts to make sense, from information about Raven to the creepy neighbor that keeps watching Anya.

The story
In Spider-girl # 6, Spider-Man agreed to help Spider-girl dig out some dirt on Raven - an organization Spider-girl believes in responsible for her father's death. This issue starts with the two spiders in one of the the Raven labs beating some silent american ninja's. Apparently these guys have been brainwashed, and are now working as robots.

Throughout the fight Spider-Man notices the hate in Spider-girl and eventually advises her that she has to let her hate go, before it takes control of her actions. After trashing the lab, the two find some scientist who have been forced to leak their findings to Raven. In the lab, Spider-girl finds some interesting notes and takes them to the Baxter building.

Her friend and roommate, Rocky comes along and is later kidnapped on her way home by Anya's creepy neighbor - Mr Goodwin.

Back to Spider-girl, she was able to point out some secret Raven labs after analyzing the notes she found with the Invisible woman at the Baxter lab. When she and Spidey reach there however, they find that it has already been torn up, most likely by the Red Hulk, who discovered the labs himself first.

Anyhow, the two still manage to find some useful information for themselves including Raven's plan to make Spider-girl one of their own.

Some bad guys appear half way, but the two manage to take them out. Spider-girl eventually finds an address of one of the Raven agents - Mr Goodwin. She rushes back only to find another agent already in her apartment and Rocky missing.

At last we get to see the reason for the creepy neighbor- Mr Goodwin, always spying on Anya. With Rocky hostage, my guess it that Spider-girl will be forced to cooperate with Raven and will almost get brainwashed. Obviously, I highly doubt that will actually happen as she will either break free, or Spider-Man will come to her aid. I'll like it if the Red Hulk comes to her rescue though. That would help Spider-girl see that he does have a good side, if he does...

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