X-Men #10 Review

Posted by telekineticfrisbee 20 May 2011

Here’s my super late review of Serve and Protect – Conclusion. This is one book not to be judged by its cover. Spider-Man and Wolverine do not take down the Lizard. No one takes down the Lizard.

The Story

Emma fends off her own team mates while listening to the Dark Beast’s commentary. Spider-Man comes to help her fight. They run away from the X-Lizards but their buddies catch up with them. Spidey and Emma loosen a water valve. The lizards are swept away by the water.

Back in the lab, the Lizard asks to be released, promising to leave. Dark Beast does not oblige stating that the Lizard seems like the sort who would hold a grudge.

Spider-Man explains to Emma that transformation is a gradual process. The signal has to be constant otherwise the X-Men would revert to their original form. The machine acts as a triggering device accelerating the transformation. He says he could construct a jamming device. While Emma suggests that they could unplug or smash the machine. They are ambushed by Max, Wolverine and the gang. It turns out that the mutant-lizards retained their powers. Spidey tells Emma to go smash the machine while he holds them off.

Emma finds the lab deserted. She prepares to destroy the machine but is stopped by Lars. Dark Beast taunts her saying that she could easily take over his mind were she not in her diamond form. As she cannot defeat them alone she frees a vengeful Lizard. He starts attacking Dark Beast but is interrupted by Spidey asking him to leave the villain to them. He eventually relents but warns the wall-crawler to find him only if he wants to die.

The transformed kids and mutants return to their normal states. The kids are reunited with their parents. The X-Men and Spider-Man are hailed heroes while Cyclops and Angel watch the report on television back home in Utopia.


This issue is penciled by two artists. I kind of liked the art in this issue, especially Emma and Dark Beast. Spidey looks flabby in some scenes. But he is seen a lot in this issue. We see him in action. We see him making fun about Emma's previous skimpy costume. We also see Emma in awkward poses (climbing in and out of pipes). Emma and Spidey team-up was the enjoyable. Their banter was well-written. I still think they could have used a better story to include our favorite webhead.

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