Fear Itself #3 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 07 June 2011

Things are looking grim...
The Story

On the battlefield in Washington D.C., Captain America and a small group of heroes battle Skadi (A.K.A. the newly empowered Red Skull) and the Serpent's forces while at the same time trying to save as many people as possible.

In Asgard, Loki is able to free Thor from prison. Meanwhile in Dubai, the Absorbing Man gets his hammer and becomes Greithoth, Breaker of Wills.

In Brazil, Red She-Hulk (Betty Ross) attempts to rescue as many civilians as possible from the Hulk's rampage. The Hulk (currently under the Serpent's control) eventually catches up with her. Before the Hulk can kill Betty the Avengers come to her rescue.

On Yancy Street, Reed Richards asks the Thing to try and move the hammer that had crashed there (great idea Reed!). As soon as the Thing touches it he becomes Angrir, Breaker of Souls. As Angrir, the Thing destroys Yancy Street.

Loki takes Thor to see Lady Sif and the Warriors Three, and together they conspire to get Thor back to Earth. However before they can enact a plan they are discovered by Odin. After some arguing, Odin decides to let Thor join the battle on Earth, giving him until "the shadow of the Serpent falls across the World Tree." Once Thor's time is up, Odin will enact his plan to raze the Earth to stop the Serpent.

Not content to continue sitting on the sidelines, Steve Rogers puts Maria Hill in charge and joins the battle raging below him.

Back in Washington, Cap and his allies make their final stand against Skadi and her forces. Despite getting a few good hits in, Cap is no match for Skadi's god like power. She manages to kill Captain America.

Fear Itself is already making good on its promise to change the landscape of the Marvel Universe, with the destruction of Yancy Street and more importantly the death of Bucky. Bucky's death leaves the door open for Steve to reclaim the mantle of Cap, just in time for the movie! It makes sense that Steve would want to have a greater role on the battlefield, as he is a soldier first and foremost. He never struck me as being a great fit as a behind-the-scenes kind of guy.

My favourite scenes of this series continue to be the ones between Thor and his father. It's an interesting father-son dynamic that really humanizes these characters for me and has prompted me to check out the Thor titles. On a side note, both Matt Fraction's Thor and Kieron Gillen's Journey into Mystery are great reads.

What was with Reed Richards asking the Thing to pick up the hammer? Smartest man in the Marvel Universe my butt!

The stakes got a lot higher with Fear Itself's third issue. With this event, it looks as though Marvel has a winner on its hands.

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