FF#4 Review

Posted by whiteshark 14 June 2011

"The Beating of the drums" is the title of this issue.
A title that makes perfect sense.

This issue starts with Spidey and Sue Richards talking, as long time friends they are, and shows how Sue acts naturally in having previously powerfull villains of the team having a reunion with Reed Richards.
The reasoning as to why Sue Richards is not bothered by those villains being in the Future Foundation is well crafted.

Most of the issue is centred about Reed Richards discussing with classic villains (Mad Thinker,Wizard,A.I.M. Lieutenants,Wizard,Diablo and Doctor Doom) how to defeat the Reed Richards of the Alternate Universes.

Have to say that Hickman writes a unique voice to each villain and keeps all the powerful villains in good character.
Of course the reunion does not reach a consensus on how to defeat the Reed Richards'yet the debate is interesting and gets to be one of the highlights of this issue.

Watcher (A classic Marvel chracter that often appears in Fantastic Four stories) is present in the reunion as well and shows that the events of this story arc will be important to the Marvel Universe.

The Thing who has not been the same since the death of Johny Storm decides to take a break of the Future Foundation due to his uneasiness with Reed's decision to get help from the former villains.

While the discussion is taking place, Sue Richards gets a help call from the "fish people of Atlantis", of whom she is the AmbassadorSo Sue,decides to not disturb the reunion of Reed Richards, and goes to Old Atlantis with only Spidey and Alex Power.

In old Atlantis there is a standoff between the "Fish People" and the Chordai and Mala. Unfortunately, by the time Sue arives in old Atlantis the standoff finished and Atlantis gets attacked.

As such, Sue,Spidey and Alex do their best fighting off the invasion. Surprisingly, in the middle of the invasion, the Mole Man, his minions and the evil Reed Richards appear to help the invasion of Atlantis.

Quite a cliffhanger for the next issue.

As I am getting used to this ongoing comic bookthis continues to be a solid title.

This month the illustrations are done by Barry Kitson, a good replacement to keep the visual quality of the titleThe colors are brighter and this may be one of the best works by this artist.(Barry Kitson illustrated a couple of issues of Amazing Spider-Man in the past as well which were good as far as the art is concerned, but this issue has fine examples of good storytelling illustrations).

Hickman's writing continues to show quality, writing a heck of a great first story arc in this new title.
So if you just want to read a good Marvel title or a title that have cool apearences of Spider-Man, this title has that all.

Very much recommended.

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