Amazing Spider-Man 664

Posted by bulletproofsponge 04 July 2011

This issue, much to my interest, focuses quite a fair bit on Anti-Venom I'd say.

The Story
In the last issue, Spider-Man was losing his powers due to his close proximity to Anti-Venom. At the start of this issue Anti-Venom is seen trying to remove Spidey's mask. Fortunately, Peter's face is just as sticky as his fingers and toes, leaving Anti-Venom unable to take off the mask.

Honestly, all Anti-Venom wants to do is to prove that he is a good guy. He leaves Spider-Man webbed up and swings off, stating that he'll prove it. Left alone, Spider-Man finds ways to escape.

The next scene shows wraith, digging up leads on the drug dealings. Little does she know that she is actually being watched by Carlie, who has figured by now that this "Jean deWolff aka Wraith is definitely not a ghost. We also have some other minor scenes including more Norah/ Randy/ Phil Urich tension; Mayor Jameson taking pictures with Martin Li, and Anti-Venom, guising as a security guard to overhear Martin-Li's conversation.

Shifting the scene back to Spider-Man, he finally manages to escape, only to be caught again by Anti-Venom, who has just returned. Anti-Venom swings himself, while carrying Spidey, to find Mr Negative. In the meantime, Carlie finds possible proof that Captain Wantanabe has some relations ( not blood ) to this new Wraith's appearance.

Back to Anti-Venom, he leaves Spidey in a room at the Museum, while he goes to find Mr Negative. While looking for him, Anti-Venom gets stabbed in the back my Negative. To his shock, Anti-Venom is unable to remove the blade to heal himself.

Fortunately, Wraith appears, free's Spider-Man, and the two come out to save Anti-Venom. As we can all guess from here, the good guys start winning. By the end of the issue, important things to note are:

  1. The world knows that Martin Li is Mr Negative
  2. Anti-Venom earns Spider-Man's trust
  3. It is revealed, only to Carlie, that Captain Wantanabe is Wraith using Mysterio's tech. ( Spider-Man noticed the tech immediately.)
  4. Negative's henchmen are keeping Martin-Li in a prison, waiting for him to transform back to his evil self. 
  5. Peter tells Carlie that he design's tech for Spider-Man

Certainly a brilliant issue in my opinion. Loved the many appearances of Anti-Venom in this book. Since Eddie became the Anti-Venom he has been trying to prove himself to other heroes that he is actually good. In this issue he finally proves himself to Spider-Man, definitely giving this issue some degree of importance. 

The whole resurrection of Jean deWolff never interested me. Perhaps there may be more for Captain Wantannabe in the superhero industry in the future. 

Finally, Peter lying to Carlie again...


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