Amazing Spider-Man 667

Posted by bulletproofsponge 12 August 2011

A fantastic second issue to what is becoming a really good story in ASM. Spider-Island continues in Amazing Spider-Man 667, featuring the first day of Spider insanity in New York.

The story
When we last left off, Peter returned to his apartment, but was too tired to talk to Carlie. He wakes up the next morning and finds Carlie sticking to the ceiling. Peter is shocked to see his girlfriend with Spider-powers. At first he figures it may have been transmitted sexually. He later scratches that possibility as it really doesn't make sense. Peter is particularly surprised that Carlie has openly told him about her Spider-powers. She seems to be really excited about it, and even tries to get Peter to design some spider gadgets for her.

In another scene, Madame Web watches from afar as the Jackal gathers the worst of thugs he has given Spider powers to and calls for a meeting. In the meeting, he gives them the liberty to cause chaos in the city, even supplying them with Spidey suits. In the midst of some fighting among baddies during the meeting, we get to see Spider-King and Tarantula in action.

Returning to Pete, he and Carlie proceed to send Aunt May off to the airport. The two say their goodbyes and Aunt May leaves with Jay to Boston. The next scene involves MJ, witnessing the attacks of Spider-Men in the city. It's not long before the Avengers appear to help fight the Spider-Men.

On their way back, Peter and Carlie hear news of the Spider-Men creating havoc. Carlie, rushes off, thinking she can do something to stop it. Peter, tries to convince her otherwise, but fails. He then changes into Spidey and tries to follow her. Meanwhile, old Mayor Jameson is having the moment of his life, preparing to take down the Spider-Men.

Spidey joins his Avenger teammates, expressing his concern for his girlfriend. Unfortunately, no one believes he is the real Spider-Man and thus gets trashed by his teammates. From afar, Madame Web and Shang-Chi watch from the roof. Eventually, Shang-Chi can no longer stand to see his friend get beaten and proceeds to help him.

I'm really starting to like this new Madame Web. While the old one simply sat in her chair and was blindfolded, only to appear once in a while, not playing an important role for most of the time, Julia Carpenter here mysteriously appears all over the city, knowing all things, and more importantly, wears shades and a cool jacket!

Anyway, back to the real story. Like Peter mentioned in his head, he is definitely, going to hear it from Carlie when he finally reveals his secret identity to her, if he ever does. Honestly, I hope he never does!

I thought these Spider-Men went down a little too easily. With their Spider-sense and etc, you would think that they'd be able to avoid getting hit, especially by the Thing, who in my opinion moves pretty slow. Also, I've noticed that these Spider-Men have slightly different Spider-powers, being able to shoot organic webbing, camouflage ( Spider-girl) and etc.

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