Fear Itself #4 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 04 August 2011

Thor returns to Earth!
The Story

Thor lands in Broxton and gets a cold reception from its citizens.

The Serpent grows stronger as the Worthy continue to spread fear and terror across the globe. Meanwhile, Odin prepares his troops to raze the Earth.

Thor rendezvous's with Nick Fury, Black Widow, Iron Man and Steve Rogers (who has retaken the mantle of Captain America) as they are mourning the loss of Bucky. Thor explains that there is a prophecy which states that Thor and the Serpent are destined to kill each other.

While the heroes weigh their options, the Serpent raises a giant palace in Antarctica. Cap gives Thor and Iron Man their assignments and the three heroes descend into the chaos. Thor heads to Antarctica, Cap joins the Avengers in Manhattan, and Iron Man goes to Oklahoma. Iron Man demands an audience with Odin, and taking a swig of alcohol as a sacrifice. This gets Odin's attention.
Thor confronts the Serpent, who attempts to recruit him to his cause. When this fails, the Serpent blasts Thor across the globe. Thor lands in New York, right in the middle of Worthy-Hulk and Worthy-Thing.


While Fear Itself is still proving to be a fun ride, it is also showing the same pitfalls that have plagued other event comics of its kind; it doesn't feel like we are getting the complete story. Don't get me wrong, you can only buy the main Fear Itself series and understand what's going on, but you won't enjoy it as much. For example, those who are reading The Invincible Iron Man know of the events that occurred in Paris which are compelling Tony Stark to drink again, making his desperate actions in this issue understandable and all the more tragic. People who are just reading Fear Itself might see Tony's actions as being more random than anything else.

Fear Itself contains all the eye popping artwork and jaw dropping moments you would want from an event comic, but it feels as though the character development is occurring outside of the main series.

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