Fear Itself #5 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 17 August 2011

Can the God of Thunder survive a brawl with two of the Marvel Universe's most powerful heavy hitters? Now with hammers???

The Story

In New York City, Thor engages Worthy-Hulk and Worthy-Thing in battle while Captain America takes on Skadi.

Meanwhile, Iron Man confronts Odin in the ruins of what was once Asgard. Iron Man demands access to Odin's workshop so that he can make weapons to fight the Serpent.

Thor is able to take out the Thing by summoning Mjolnir through his chest. As Thor goes toe-to-toe with the Hulk, Franklin and Valeria Richards rush to the dying Thing's side.

Skadi is mopping the floor with Captain America when her father, the Serpent, arrives on his flying palace. The Avengers (including Spidey) arrive to aid Cap, but are no match for the Serpent who blasts them all away. Cap throws his shield at the Serpent, who catches and shatters it. The Serpent then disappears in an energy blast, knocking out Cap.

When Cap comes to, he is greeted by Spider-Man, who asks Cap if he can stand down so he can say goodbye to his loved ones. Although Cap is reluctant at first, he comes to agree that the situation is unwinnable.

Franklin uses his reality altering powers to revive the Thing and free him from the Serpent's control.

Summoning all his strength, Thor is able to knock the Hulk into orbit before collapsing from the effort. The Hulk lands on another part of the globe.

The remaining Avengers rally around Cap, who tells them that they are going to lose...


Fear Itself is still proving to be entertaining with great art by Stuart Immonen and great moments provided by Matt Fraction. My favourite line from this issue was when Thor bluntly tells the Hulk that he has always been "a giant pain in the ass."

Spidey and Cap seemed to have lost all hope by the end of this issue which I'm having a hard time buying. These guys are Avengers, they've faced overwhelming odds before and have never waivered. It comes with the job. It was disappointing that Spidey was one of the first to call it quits.

And while what we saw of the Thor/Hulk/Thing battle was fun, it felt like most of it took place off panel, which was disappointing. Like other big event comics, it feels like there's a lot of story but not enough pages to tell it in the most satisfying way. Still, I'm looking forward to the two remaining chapters of Fear Itself and how the ending will affect the Marvel Universe.

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