New Avengers V.2 #13 Review

Posted by telekineticfrisbee 18 August 2011

This issue ends the Infinity arc.


In 1959 Dominic Fortune is questioned by an unseen person about his involvement with the Avengers. He says that no one had seen or spoken to Fury since he left them after the attack on the castle. Meanwhile Fury meets with the General in Cuba. The General explains that the Nazi's combined their version of the Super-Soldier Serum with the Infinity Formula. Fury expresses his uneasiness with how the Nazi's made a Captain America.

In the present, Wolverine and Hawkeye interrogate the HAMMER agent who gives no answer about Superia's location. Ms Marvel, Jessica Jones, Spider-Man and the Thing search the HAMMER hideout. Spidey finds some evidence of Mutant Growth Hormone and some very advanced instructions to create a formula. Ms Marvel recalls that she saw Superia hide a vial in her pocket during their fight.

Cage gets a call from Hand. She tells him that Superia is planning on leaving the city with several of her scientists.

The New Avengers along with Spider-Woman and Hawkeye gather at the docks where Superia is supposed to depart. She arrives ahead of schedule and a jet appears and blows the roof the heroes were on. Iron Fist brings the jet down while Hawkeye disarms Superia and her agents. She tries to surrender her briefcase in exchange for her freedom but Dr Strange casts a transference spell. Ms Marvel knocks her out.

Nick Fury appears and explains that there was a break in in a secret storage facility and the briefcase which contains the formula was stolen. They take it to hospital and after much disagreement inject the formula into Mockingbird.

Superia is shown in a prison cell. Someone slips a piece of paper under the door which has the Green Goblin's symbol on it.


It's always good to see Spidey show his brainy side. He continues to show his distrust of Victoria Hand. It is hard to say which side is she on. It also good to see that Bobbi's still alive. Had it ended any other way it would have made this story arc completely pointless. If you skip this arc, you will not be missing much (in my opinion).

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