Posted by Combustible Pumpkins 28 August 2011

Well here it is, the very first in my ongoing "Spider-Man From The Beginning". Throughout the course of this I will be covering Amazing Spider-Man and the relevant satellite titles. If a story is too painful to read however, I will be skipping it! Believe me, it's the only way I can possibly fathom taking on such a monster of a project! But take it on I will to understand once and for all why I have this particular obsession that has spilled out into my adult life.

You know Spidey's origin story, right? "Bookworm" Parker desires friends and dates with girls only to be insulted by his high school peers, especially Flash Thompson who sports a really large capital T on his sweater(this is how bullies fluffed their feathers back in the day, apparently).

To Pete's credit he simply can't digest the idea of others NOT being interested in science let alone becoming the object of everyone's ridicule. So he's bitter, and even after the radioactive spider fangs puncture Pete's skin, the teachers are commenting on what a wuss he is! Poor fella!

Well to Pete's delight he realizes how tough he suddenly is and decides to totally exploit this fact by becoming a wrestler and media sensation and basically looking out for only himself. Well, himself and the only two people that ever treated him with real love and respect, namely... oh, who am I kidding you already know this!

The greatest part of this story is the 'With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility' bit, and we all know it! It's one of the greatest stories ever told in my opinion, one of the most important, if not THE most important theme ever. Pete could of stopped the guy who murdered his father figure, but was only looking out for himself. It doesn't get anymore visceral than that.

Ok, so here's my five Spidey-Web rating system:

  • 1 = Great Story/Plot
  • 2 = Great Art
  • 3 = Great Writing Style
  • 4 = Magic Spidey Moments
  • 5 = Relevant To Spidey Mythos. 

With only 'Good' being a half Spidey-Web.

1. So! Is this a Great Story/ Plot? Thwip! (Big, fat thwip, actually. Worthy of five Spidey-Webs in of itself.)

2. Great Art? Hmmm....Dare I even critique this? Will there be my very own Mesphito Hell Circle waiting for me just for attempting it? Ok, let's put it this way: Ditko gets better. That's all I should really say, besides the abundance of closed eyes and stiff limbs, and how most children of the 21st century can draw Spidey like this. THWIP! Next!

3. Great Writing Style? It's fun and holds it's own in our modern times. Probably helps that it's only eleven pages too, I'm just saying. Thwip!

4. Magic Spidey Moments? Absolutely. Especially when Spidey tracks down and confronts Uncle Ben's murderer. Thwip. (There's irony in me using thwip, by the way, since in this origin story the web-shooter sound is WHIZZZIT... but I figured I just wouldn't go there.)

5. Relevant Story? Of course, not only does it establish how Peter gains his powers, but also reveals his motivation for being Spider-Man. Also, it's not only Spidey/Peter's first appearance, but it's also Aunt May's and Flash's and technically Uncle Ben's. So, yeah. Thwip.

RATING = FIVE SPIDEY-WEBS! Any copy of this story should be sought after and protected, to be handed down to sons and daughters throughout the ages.

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