Ultimate Comics Spider-Man V2 #1 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 20 September 2011

The new Ultimate Spider-Man is here!  Can Miles Morales fill the gigantic shoes that Peter Parker left behind?  Let's find out!

The Story

Eleven months ago: Norman Osborn enlists the help of a scientist called Doctor Markus to try and recreate the genetically altered spider that bit Peter Parker.  Norman reveals to Markus that he created Spider-Man and threatens to kill him if he tells anybody.  Markus is so shaken by this that he doesn't notice that one his specimens, spider no. 42, climbs out of its containment and escapes.

A thief (who looks a lot like the Prowler) breaks into Osborn Industries.  As he's stealing money, spider no. 42 crawls into his bag.

Thirteen year old Miles Morales goes with his parents to Brooklyn Visions Academy, a prestigious high school that decides who gets in through a lottery due to the large number of applicants.  Miles' name is the last one called.  Although his parents are thrilled, Miles feels guilty that he got in at the expense of others.

Miles goes to visit his Uncle Aaron who, unbeknownst to Miles, was the thief that broke into Osborn Industries.  As Aaron goes to get Miles a popsicle, the spider crawls out of Aaron's bag and bites Miles.  Miles starts to foam at the mouth and then passes out.  Miles wakes up a short time later to find his dad and his uncle arguing (Miles' parents didn't know he was there).  Sick of the fighting, Miles runs out of the apartment with his father in pursuit.  Miles' father loses him in a crowd, and begins to shout his name.  Miles tries to get his father's attention, but finds that he can't as he starts to turn invisible...


It's still too early to say whether Mr. Morales will make a worthy successor to Peter Parker, although I like what I see so far.  Even though we spend a lot of time with Miles, we don't find out too much about him, except that he seems to have the same guilt complex that Peter had.  I enjoyed how Brian Michael Bendis began the issue the same way he began the first volume of Ultimate Spider-Man.  It got me right in the mood to begin Miles' story.

By far the highlight of this issue for me was Sara Pichelli's artwork.  She delivers the best Spider-Man work of her career here, once again making Ultimate Spider-Man one of the best looking books on the stands.

As long as you don't mind Bendis' decompressed storytelling, the new Ultimate Spider-Man is definitely worth a look.  Bendis and Pichelli are delivering a unique take on the Spider-Man story that should intrigue old and new fans alike.


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