Amazing Spider-Man 671

Posted by bulletproofsponge 16 October 2011

Amazing Spider-Man 671, continues to impress as the story unveils and appears to be coming to a close. A number of very cool things take place in this issue, which I will get to in a while. As usual, the cover has almost nothing to do with the story.

The Story
Mary Jane, currently the only human with spider powers, besides Peter,  gets a two-page spotlight, which most of us have probably already seen in the preview. Feeling a sense of responsibility, like Peter, she decides to help save the whoever she can.

Unfortunately, thats about as much of Mary Jane that we get for the rest of the issue. Nonetheless, this issue does get good.

We next see Spidey, trying to stop Jameson from killing Smythe. Smythe doesn't die, and Jameson is webbed and contained. Spider-Man's next destination is Horizon Labs. At Horizon, Reed has developed a cure and is about the test it on Sajani when 'The Queen' reaches into Sajani's mind and transforms her into a Spider, hours before her infection is due to take place. With Spider-Woman's help, Reed manages to inject Sajani with the cure, transforming her back to normal.

Later the Jackal sends Tarantula to kill Peter. We finally find out that the person in Lab # 6, who has been helping in developing a cure is none other than Dr. Michael Morbius.

 Madame Web finally interferes and tells those at Horizon to fix the damage they have done with the Psychic Jamming towers, stating that it has caused Spider-Man to lose his Spider sense.

Spider-Man, decides to head over to his own lab, hoping to find some answers, or invent a cure. ( He doesn't know that there already is a cure) Unfortunately, Tarantula, is waiting for him in his lab. (They both share the same DNA) Essentially, Tarantula's job is to infect the cure, so that it no longer works.

Luckily for Spider-Man, his Spider-Sense comes back, thanks to the efforts of those at Horizon, just as he is being trashed around by Tarantula. With his new Kung-Fu moves and Spider-Sense, Spider-Man becomes a walking weapon and knocks Tarantula into the giant tube holding the cure for the infection.

Kaine comes out of the pool, back to his normal self, only better. He also somehow managed to keep his Spider-powers. In the final panel, we see that Madam Web has regained her ability to see the future thanks to the unblocking of the Psychic towers. Similarly, the Queen has also gained the powers of a god, with the Psychic towers unblocked. Also, I forgot to mention that she kills the Jackal.

Probably the one thing that made me love this issue was the fact that Kaine somehow got healed, and was still good. I've been wanting to see a Spider-Man/Kaine team-up for a while. From the looks of it, Kaine no longer has his degenerating problem, which can only be good for us. I'm looking to find out how much of his old powers he has actually retained.

The second thing that really did it for me, and many others, is the fact that Spider-Man has his spider-sense back. Even better, he knows how to mix it with his new Kung-Fu moves! All we need now is a lil more of MJ in the next issue, and it'll all be good.

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