Spider-Island finale: Amazing Spider-Man 672

Posted by bulletproofsponge 27 October 2011

"Wow" is all I have to say after reading the last issue of Spider-Island. Dan Slott did a fantastic job closing the story. There was absolutely no way in hell that I would have expected this story to end this way. This issue, which is also Part 6 to the story is called " Boss Battle." ( How cool is that?)

The Story 
The issue begins with a prepared Steve Rogers jumping into battle to aid his new friend - Venom, in battling The Queen. Together, the two seemingly kill the Queen. Strangely however, her dead body begins morphing into a giant Spider. The two soldiers then prepare for round two.

Back at Horizon, everyone has noticed that the lab in which the cure is stored has been broken into ( By the Tarantula in Amazing Spider-Man 671). Just before they can check out the lab, Mary Jane appears with a ton of civilians who need help. Mary Jane finally gets an explanation as to why her powers took so long to develop, and why she has not turned into a spider herself yet. Apparently she has developed an immunity to Peter after years of living together with him. ( and doing other things)

Together they all rush to the lab, where they find both Peter Parker and Spider-Man together.  This really confuses Reed, who knows fully well that Spider-Man and Peter are the same person.

Peter secretly whispers to Reed though that his clone - Kaine, is in the Spidey suit. Seeing that there is no problem, everyone leaves Peter and Spider-Man alone. Peter then reveals to Kaine his stealth suit that could help stop the Queen. Kaine calls dibs on the suit and the two swing off.

It isn't long before they spot The Queen - now 28 floors high. Steve Rogers, Venom, and all the other Avengers are already busy fighting The Queen. Spidey is flung into the air, and caught by MJ, who gives him a short speech about how being Peter Parker makes him special, telling him to come up with an idea.

Strangely enough, Peter does come up with a plan. He gets Dr.Ock's old octobots to distribute the cure to every infected citizen cum spider. Peter and MJ swing to their special place - the Empire State building, which acts as a giant antenna to control the octobots.

The Queen, realizing what Peter is doing, sends the remainder of her army to the Empire State Building. In a short panel, MJ whispers " I love you" to Peter as she watches him 'save everyone' while smiling. Unfortunately, Peter doesn't hear, or pretends not to.

Coming back to The Queen, Kaine realizes that she is being weakened. Ms Marvel suggests using the " Toss Spidey at the bad guy" move. Kaine agrees saying that he can do anything Spider-Man can. Kaine has, in my opinion, his moment of glory as he switches to sonic shielding mode and is thrown straight through The Queen's mouth. He comes right out the other side, replying to Ms Marvel's question about his name, implying to himself and the others that he is not just someone's clone.

The story ends with Peter giving MJ his Spidey shirt as hers is all torn up. The two sit together above the city and share a moment together.

A fantastic issue, and by far, the very best I've read in a long while. As you could probably see from the scan I put in, Kaine has gained some new stingers, similar to those that Peter had when he was reborn in " The Other." Someone suggested that just like how Peter died and came back to life with new powers like stingers and stuff, Kaine may have gone through the same thing.

I'm really glad that they've brought Kaine back as a good guy. At the end of the issue, he explains how it was the real Spider-Man won the battle.

Venom teaming with Steve Rogers was the other thing that I thought was epic. Venom ( Flash ) a former soldier, working side by side with the greatest soldier of all. To me, this has to be the height of Flash's career as Venom. I also liked seeing Venom and Kaine in the stealth suit fighting The Queen in the same panel.

The Spider-Man / Mary Jane panel at the end however was what really made the issue for me. Whether or not the two will get together further down the line is still uncertain. Furthermore, Peter still has a shaky situation he has to clear with Carlie ( Lying to her about his secret identity etc.) With Kaine around now, it really wouldn't be too hard to shake off Carlie's suspicion.

For more Scans of this awesome issue you can check out stillanerd's scorecard on his Spidey Speculations for Spider-Island here

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